Secondary Infertility Timeline

For those that would like to know more about the specifics of my battle with secondary infertility, I have created this page to give a clear timeline of events.

July, 2012–I begin gaining weight without explanation.

October, 2012–I can’t seem to lose the weight despite making drastic changes to my diet.

November, 2012–I quit smoking.  This began a period of time where I just had to look at a piece of cake and suddenly I was two pounds heavier.

January through May, 2013, my weight didn’t go down, but it didn’t go up either.

May, 2013–I quit taking birth control pills, I started taking my diet even more seriously, and I started exercising.

June, 2013–I had a period on my own, two weeks late.

July, 2013–I was completely sure I was pregnant with every symptom there, but there was no positive pregnancy test.

August, 2013–Still no period, and still no positive pregnancy test.

September, 2013–A period finally appears.  I call my gynecologist for an appointment.  I’m still not losing weight, and now I am an emotional mess.

October, 2013–My gynecologist listened to me, let me cry, and then took some blood.  She already knew that I had polycystic ovary syndrome, but she confirmed with blood work.  She informed me that my A1C (average blood glucose) was borderline at 5.9 and put me on metformin 1000 mg daily to help with the PCOS and blood glucose levels.  I joined a gym.

December, 2013–I started a period on my own.

May, 2014–I had lost something like 32 lbs at this point, but I still wasn’t cycling on my own.  This was also my last cycle chance to be pregnant before age 30 (or at least that’s what I thought since my cycles lasted somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks).  So I had a Provera induced period and then begin my first round of Clomid 50 mg days 3-7.  My cycle day 21 blood test showed my progesterone at a dismal 1 (it needed to be at 10 at least to indicate that I have ovulated).  My heart was hurting and my dreams seemed too far out of reach.

June, 2014–I cycled on my own at cycle day 32!

June, 2014–Still no positive for an LH surge by cycle day 25 (and I think tested until cycle day 31)

July, 2014–I have completely given up hope.  No positive pregnancy test, and no period.  I drink wine, I give up.  I am down 37 lbs.  On the 16th, I wrote a post about cycle day 40 and how infertility is about to win.  I even clearly outline pregnancy symptoms in this post, but I can’t even see it.  All I see is another failed cycle.

July 20th, 2014–I get my positive pregnancy test!  I am over-the-moon ecstatic!  The cycle AFTER taking Clomid was finally the one I had been hoping for all along!  This is right before my 30th birthday!

August, 2014–We get an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and also the due date.  By last menstrual period I should be around 8 weeks pregnant, but we discover I am only 6 weeks.  I ovulated late.  Two weeks later, growth is right on track.

It is now November, 2014 and everything has been going pretty well.  There have been minor bumps in the road, but I am five months pregnant soon to be six.  The thing that still puzzles me is how I managed to ovulate without an LH surge ever registering.  I also ovulated a couple weeks later than what is normal.  I will update things further after my baby (a boy) is born.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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