11 Reasons Why My Baby Is Really A Cat In Disguise

    1. He knocks anything and everything off any surface he can reach. Holding him on my hip while passing by the kitchen counter is guaranteed to result in a broken dish, food scattered across my floor, or the immediate need for a mop.

  1. He likes to sleep in the sun. His favorite napping spots have been warmed by the sun through the window.
  2. He destroys blinds. Enough said.
  3. Did I mention he “cat naps”? There are no really long naps like most babies. No. He prefers the 15-minute approach.
  4. He’s obsessed with strings. If there is a string hanging off of anything, he is immediately entranced and determined to grab it and rip it off.
  5. The movement of shadows across a surface spurs him to immediate action to “get” the shadow.
  6. He follows the beam of a flashlight with pinpoint accuracy. He wants to attack it as well.
  7. Some moments he can’t get enough snuggles and pats. The next, he wants nothing to do with those around him and would prefer we all stay outside of his personal space bubble.
  8. He would really prefer to be most active at night. His mommy won’t let him, though.
  9. He treats long hair and necklaces the same as string. Beware!
  10. If his water isn’t cool and fresh, he isn’t interested.

Now, if I could just teach him to use a litter box…


4 Replies to “11 Reasons Why My Baby Is Really A Cat In Disguise”

  1. We’re doing well. My business is going really well and I still get lots of time with my babies. I’m inordinately blessed!

    I read everything you write, when you do write. I’m sure you have your hands full! I’m always glad to read how you and the boys are doing!

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