I Can’t Seem To Resist

I have a moment, and I felt the urge to share.

My baby is almost six months old. That seems so crazy to me. Seriously, crazy. If I thought my husband could handle another one, we would already be on our way to another few years of trying and maybe a baby eventually. But, we’re not. 

So, we are taking a middle road approach to feeding solids. We have been giving him purees and solid chunks of food off and on over the last month and a half when he has seemed very interested. This week, he has been consistently interested every evening at dinner. The plan is to go the baby led weaning route, which if you haven’t heard of it before really isn’t about weaning.

Baby led weaning is all about letting baby feed himself real food. It helps with hand-eye-coordination and he gets a wider variety of flavors, textures, and healthy eats. My husband wasn’t sold on this approach because he was convinced our baby would choke. I explained to him that kids don’t chew with teeth until they’re around two because they don’t have molars until then. He still wasn’t convinced, until he saw it in action.

Tonight, he had his first real table food (I know, it sounds like I’m talking about the family dog, but I don’t know how else to say it) other than a piece of fruit or veggie. He had some chicken, and he LOVED it. His big sister loved watching him enthusiastically eat it as well. Morgan, my baby, hasn’t figured out how to get the food from his tray into his mouth yet except by happy accident.

Here is a photo of him eating the other day because I can’t resist:


As for his sister, she is still so in love with her brother. He is so happy to see her every day after school, and I can see how much it means to her every time he smiles at her when he fusses at everyone else. Or when she is the only one who can get him to laugh.

Eva loves to collect trash. By trash, I mean things like cardboard boxes and junk mail and random bits of things I don’t want to find in my house. The other day, I found this on one of her boxes:


It’s reassuring. I can’t be doing too terrible of a job if I’m “the best”.

I know it sounds like things have been all rainbows and butterflies, but we have had our rough patches. She had a rough summer because she didn’t get to see her father. It’s a long story, and it’s really her story, so I won’t be sharing it. But, I almost sent her to counseling (again). We got through it, and she is powering her way through second grade like a boss.

Money is still an issue, but I’m a lot more zen about it all. My business is picking up every month, and really even if it wasn’t then that’s life. I know I’m supposed to be here with Morgan and available for Eva. Everything else will work out.

I have a nanny/sitter that comes for a few hours a week and watches (well, holds nonstop) Morgan while I get some work done. He likes her and it’s obvious she adores him and I get to keep an eye on them both and still be productive.

That sums it up for now. Here are a couple more pictures because I can’t resist.




7 Replies to “I Can’t Seem To Resist”

  1. Loved reading the positivity in your post. I’m happy things are going well..even through the rough patches. I loved how you put it, “and really even if it wasn’t then that’s life.” Truly, that IS life. The ups, the downs, and the in betweens. Hope your business continues to pick up and thrive. Sending you much positivity, and looking forward to more adorable pictures of Morgan.

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