We Did The Math

Well, I had an entire post planned. I was going to outline the drop in steel prices and oil prices from last year to this year. I was going to show you how interrelated the two appear. I was going to show how it has personally impacted me and my family. 

Screw that. I can’t seem to find the level of rationality needed to calmly discuss such things.

We’re on track to make $19,000 less this year than last. Nineteen GRAND! That’s a LOT of money to us.

Let me break it down a bit. Last year we made $52,000 combined. We didn’t break any records or anything, but we can definitely live on that. So, 52 – 19 = 33.

We’re on track to make $33,000 this year. A family of four. Need I say more? I’m just praying my business picks up or oil prices sky rocket.

Excuse me while I go cry over in the corner.


15 Replies to “We Did The Math”

  1. One of the girls in my June birth group on fb said her husband just had to take a pay cut because of oil prices. Another said theirs had been laid off. I didn’t realize what a terrible problem this is! I’m so sorry! We’re losing a chunk of income because I went part time, and that’s scary-but at least it was voluntary!

  2. That’s part of the issue here–I quit working when I was 22 weeks pregnant because of the lifting restriction my ob had me on. There wasn’t a single client I worked with that didn’t need me to be able to do an assist-to-floor maneuver in the event of a stumble to prevent a fall. So, then I started doing freelance writing as much as possible. I was doing pretty well ($300ish/month) until maternity leave. I have had exactly one client since returning. So, $9000 of that lost income is coming from me. The rest is from not selling enough steel.

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