Working From Home: Tips For Working With A Newborn


Many days, this chain of events happens in my house:

I say a prayer thanking God for the chance to work from home. About 30 seconds later, I dream of babysitters and working surrounded by adults.  Continue reading “Working From Home: Tips For Working With A Newborn”


Sleepovers: My Worst Nightmare

Trigger Warning for sexually abused


A few days ago, I noticed a conversation on my Facebook news feed. It was among a group of mamas from a rather large Facebook group. The subject of conversation was sleepovers. A article by Dr. James Dobson was referenced in the initiating post by one mama asking the other mamas their opinions. Dr. Dobson outlined his reasons for not allowing sleepovers in his article.  Continue reading “Sleepovers: My Worst Nightmare”