Perfection Personified (or so she thinks)

My wonderful now 7-year-old daughter Eva has made it this far in life without taking any serious hits to her self-esteem. It probably started at birth when she began frequently hearing all her loved ones repeatedly tell her she is so pretty and she is so smart. It has evolved a bit since then. 

Around age 5, she was really, truly convinced she was the prettiest and smartest girl in the world. This prompted a change in how we would compliment her. We began saying she was the smartest girl we know. Good self-esteem is one thing, and conceit is quite another. We were trying to avoid conceit.

I’m not sure how well we are doing in that respect.

Last week, on a sunny day in the bank drive-through:

Me: (I hand Eva a sucker) Here, dear. Tell the lady thank you.
Eva: Thank you! Do you think she saw me because of my hair? (Eva has long blond hair)
Me: What about your hair? What do you mean?
Eva: The sun is shining on my hair. I bet my hair reflected it in her face and that’s why she saw me.
Me: What?
Eva: Don’t you know that you can’t look directly at my hair in the sun or it will hurt your eyes because it’s so shiny?
Me: (suppressing laughter) No, I was unaware.

Someone will knock her down a peg or two at some point in life, but I don’t think it has to be me or has to be now.


5 Replies to “Perfection Personified (or so she thinks)”

  1. Very cute! You’re right though…..the world is cruel, and she’s got the rest of her life to experience hard knocks. Let her bask in her ‘perfection’ for a while longer! 😉

    1. Thanks, I think she is, too. I’m just so glad she has a healthy self-esteem at this point in life. It makes me feel like I have done something right. I hope she always thinks she is pretty awesome.

  2. My daughter was howling the other day and when I scooped her up and asked her what was wrong she said “I bumped my pretty head.” Yep, I think we may have the same challenges ahead as you 🙂 But she’s a loving kid, as your daughter clearly is too, so I think it will all work out in the long run without too much interference from us. xx

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