My Appointment

40 weeks and 4 days.

That’s 284 days.

That’s a lot of days.

Today’s ultrasound appointment went pretty well. The ultrasound showed that my placenta looks nice and healthy as does my son. He is guestimated to be 7 lbs. 9 oz. (give or take a pound as the ultrasound tech informed me), which is a pound and 2 oz. heavier than he was last month, but still pretty close to average. There is plenty of amniotic fluid in there still, too, and he is practice breathing pretty well.

The appointment with my obstetrician went, too. She is obviously getting more nervous the more/longer pregnant I am. She told me point blank today that she would be “cutting me off” at 42 weeks. I asked her why she would be imposing a deadline besides the slightly increased rate of stillbirth and placental failure.

She said, “I don’t have another medical reason other than my heart just can’t take it.”

I didn’t answer, I just sat patiently, and she eventually added that in her practice, no one goes past 41 1/2 weeks. She said she has never had a patient with gestational diabetes go all the way to 42 weeks, either. She gave me kudos for maintaining ideal blood glucose levels and keeping my weight so steady and sited these things along with my son’s weight/size (and ideal blood pressure and no swelling) as her reasoning for being willing to work with me and try to allow things to progress naturally.

At this point, I reassured her that I wasn’t having any sight problems, that I have no swelling since I quit wearing flip flops, that I haven’t had any headaches, and that really, I feel great other than some sore pelvic muscles. I reassured her that he doesn’t make any spastic movements but that instead just jabs and rolls frequently throughout the day.

She then asked if we could try for an induction instead of going straight for a c-section at 42 weeks. I told her that I wasn’t willing to have the gel (cervidil–an artificial prostaglandin gel that is supposed to ripen and dilate the cervix) or Pitocin, so that if I’m not dilated quite a bit we were out of options.

She then said she wouldn’t want to use the gel or Pitocin on me either, but that she would like to to try a membrane sweep next week if I am dilated. She also said that if I am dilated enough, she would like to artificially rupture my membranes at the 42 week mark if things don’t happen naturally/with the membrane sweep by then.

I told her that I might be open to induction via an artificial membrane rupture. My husband and I will have to do some thinking and praying on that front. I’m still hopeful that I go into labor all on my own before then! I find it hard to swallow to have an end date imposed on the pregnancy if all is well.

So, my prayer and hope is that I go into labor before 42 weeks so we don’t even have to address the end date.

Thank you, everyone, for all of the well wishes for today’s appointment! It was so good to see that my son is measuring just fine, that there is plenty of amniotic fluid and that the placenta is still looking perfect! Thank you all so much!


20 Replies to “My Appointment”

    1. Yes indeed! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we start labor any moment. I don’t want to spend too much time thinking about what we will do at the 42 week mark because I really don’t think we will get that far.

  1. The membrane stripping alone definitely could work! It got real labor going within 2 hours afterwards (I was 41 weeks.) However, I ended up with a c-section despite all my efforts for natural birth– not sure if I would do anything at all to progress labor if I could have a “do-over.” Maybe Annabelle wasn’t quite ready yet? Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered if I had waited longer? But man was it hard being THAT pregnant and having contractions every day for a month. We just do the best we can– I’m crossing my fingers that you won’t even have to make that decision πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you. Fingers crossed here too. I have been having very consistent contractions since a little after my appointment, so I’m really hoping we are progressing to something real soon.

  2. I don’t know how you would feel about using the foley bulb, but I think that’s what started my labor more than the pitocin did. But I just hope you don’t go that far and that labor will start on it’s own for you ASAP!! πŸ™‚ Glad baby looks well though and that you are both still healthy!

    1. I did the foley bulb before…it didn’t really make a difference. But, I think my doc doesn’t want to try to indice unless I’m already 4+ cm dilated. That’s what she implied anyway. So, I will have to ask her if a foley is even an option. I’m still really hoping we don’t make it that long!

      1. I feel like he is trying to tear open my cervix anytime I lean forward which pushes him down, or when I first go from sitting to standing. That has to be a good sign.

      2. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does. Glad I’m not the only one! Lol

        On another note about gross, bloody show and loss of mucus plug has happened this evening! So, hoping tomorrow brings a baby!!

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