Tomorrow Is Important

I have an appointment for an ultrasound with biophysical profile scheduled for tomorrow.  I’m a bit nervous. If everything isn’t ideal, my obstetrician will want to impose a deadline on this pregnancy–a line in the sand that reads natural labor must begin by X date or a cesarean will be happening.

I’m pretty sure nothing has changed with my cervix yet; so I’m still not a good candidate for an induction. I’m also not a good candidate mentally for induction. The mind-body connection being what it is means an induction would probably not be a good choice. I say probably because I’m just not sure of much right now.

I’m am pretty sure, though, that my son is still within normal growth range. But, get this, I’m actually worried now that his growth might have leveled off. I know, I know–I find too many things to worry about. That’s kind of in my job description as mother I believe. I’m worried that his growth leveling off will be interpreted as a sign of a failing placenta. Eva’s growth pattern, though, suggests that my babies just do most of their growing in the second trimester.

So, lots of nerves today. I had been very zen about it all, until today. Now I just need good results tomorrow at the scan so I can return to my zen state.


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