Nothing But Blue Skies


77 degrees (Fahrenheit) in my neck of the woods. It’s warm enough I feel the need to use the lovely air conditioning in my car.

Spring is almost here, which quickly gives way to Summer for us. I am looking forward to wearing flip flops on a daily basis without getting strange looks. I have already embraced the flip flop season since it now requires I hold my breath to tie my shoes. Some people don’t seem to understand why I would wear flip flops when the thermometer clearly says 45 degrees.

I just realized I am a little over a month away from Eva’s 7th birthday. I’m not ready for her to be that old.

But that’s it for my randomness today. I hope everyone can enjoy some sunshine soon!


4 Replies to “Nothing But Blue Skies”

  1. Still way too cold for flip flops here, however I have worn my Crocs to take Paxlet to daycare (across the street) yesterday and today. We’ve got sun, but still temperatures around freezing (or just below). Enjoy the weather!

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