Snow Days, Pregnancy and Productivity

Today is Presidents Day here in the United States. The holiday isn’t exactly celebrated, but it does mean that all government agencies, as well as most banks and schools, are closed. It just so happens to also be a snow day here.ย I was planning on having my daughter home with me today, but I wasn’t planning on also having my husband.

Due to the snow covering a nice layer of ice, I have not stepped foot outside for fear of falling. While normally I wouldn’t let such a thing as some ice stop me from sledding with my daughter, being 35 weeks pregnant has forced me to be a bit more cautious. A fall now, with my baby bump looking more like a mountain and less like a bump (see photo evidence below), would most definitely result in a trip to the obstetrician at the very least.

So, I am sitting inside trying to complete some work while my husband and Eva get to sled and play in the snow. Such is the life of the work-from-home professional.

I am embracing an odd work schedule these days, knowing that very soon I will have a hungry, cranky, crying baby making demands on my time. Luckily, I feel like I am getting the hang of seizing the moment at random to be productive. I worked at three o’clock in the morning just last week and actually managed to churn out some good work.

I am changing the subject now, to give a pregnancy update. I have been slacking in this department, and it is past time.

My gestational diabetes is well under control, without any medication. We had a bump in the road at 30 weeks (I couldn’t keep my blood sugar from bottoming out) and 31 weeks. At 32 weeks, we had an ultrasound that showed our baby boy was in the 97th percentile for weight and 76th for growth. There have been weekly non-stress tests since that time, and each has been completely perfect.

I’m just going to have a big baby. Genetically speaking, I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

I have clarified things with my obstetrician. She sees no reason to try to get the baby out any sooner than he is ready to come out on his own. She even went so far as to say she would not want to induce and would not be using Pitocin on me at all. As for the weekly monitoring with NST (non-stress tests), she left it up to me but most definitely wants the tests completed to keep an eye on my placenta since the placenta can degrade faster with gestational diabetes.

I also got to hear a little bit about the birth of her son. It was very reassuring because she also had gestational diabetes, and her approach to labor and GD issues was to manage low/high blood sugar issues with food and drink not medication or IV.

As of today, I have 35 days until my estimated due date. The baby dropped last week, though, so I don’t think we will have to wait until 40 weeks to greet him. Only time will tell, though!



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