Eva: Mom, the TV isn’t going to Netflix!
Me: Well, where is it going?
Eva: It just says ‘no signal’.
Me: Did you turn on the right thing?
Eva: Yeah! Had a my 1!
Me: What?
Eva: You know, had a my 1 and had a my 2.
Me: Honey, that’s not a word. You just say HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. And you need HDMI 2.
Eva: Oh.
Me: Life was easier when you just had to change it to channel 3.
Eva: Huh?



5 Replies to “Eva-isms”

      1. Oh my goodness yes! I always had to get my big brother to help me…then of course he’d get to play instead lol that’s if we could get the Nintendo cartridges to work by blowing in them…

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