Birth Plans: Part 2 of 3

As I explained in part 1 of my birth plan post, my husband and I are preparing 3 separate birth plans. The first birth plan that I shared is the plan (preferences, really) for labor and delivery if labor begins spontaneously, without intervention.

The next birth plan we have completed is for labor and delivery that is induced. Induction is a very real possibility, as is cesarean. Neither option is desirable to us, but we will obviously do what needs done to have a healthy baby.

For those that read the last birth plan, there are some repeats. But, the overall focus of this birth plan is different. I don’t have as much confidence in my body with an induction as I do with spontaneous labor. This is my own issue, I know, but I will need some help overcoming these issues to be successful in an induction.

Induced Birth Preferences

Let’s face it, Nurse, you’re busy. So, let me quickly say we appreciate you. I (Mindy) probably won’t be saying that in L&D because I’m a crabby, witchy person when I’m in pain. So, when I (Mindy) snap at you in about five seconds, please know I really, really appreciate you and I’m sorry I’m a terrible person.

We know that poop happens and plans go awry. None of this has been written in stone. We need to know the why before something is done, though. We are all about informed consent, and I’m good at making decisions under pressure. If a decision needs to be made and I’m asleep, please wake me.

I have had a bad experience with a previous induction. It will take a lot of concentration and effort on my part to relax and focus on trying to help my cervix to dilate. My biggest fear is a failure to progress because my cervix won’t cooperate. Here is what is most important to us to have a successful labor resulting in a vaginal delivery:

  • Freedom of movement–telemetric monitoring. I know, the IV is my new friend.
  • I will definitely be getting my snack on!
  • I will be checking my blood glucose levels during labor. If you would like these readings, please let me know. I will gladly share!
  • As few vaginal checks as humanly possible! The fewer hands in my vagina the better!
  • I don’t want to know my progress (or lack thereof). If my husband needs to know (he is a are-we-there-yet kind of person), please tell him in the hall.
  • No epidural or pain medication is the goal. I realize Pitocin makes labor harder to endure, but I have some coping techniques prepared. If you have suggestions for natural coping methods based on your experience, I am open to suggestions.
  • I’m a pacer! I will probably want to roam the halls; pants will be important for a bit.
  • If you ask me how I’m doing, chances are I will tearfully tell you how awful I feel. I’m a sucker for sympathy. Quiet, calm, matter-of-fact–those are usually good approaches to take with me when I feel awful. If it is too much to bear, I will let you know.
  • The fewer distractions when things start getting serious, the better!
  • Any help preventing a tear during second stage labor is much appreciated. Where do you keep the PAM spray? Vegetable oil? Anything. Really. This is a big baby.
  • We would like some uninterrupted time with our son immediately following birth so long as we’re both good to go. Maybe an hour or two, please!


  • Breastfeeding (but could definitely use a lactation specialist consult).
  • No bottles.
  • No pacifier.
  • Yes to vaccinations.
  • Yes to circumcision.
  • Maybe to rooming-in (if I’m not too exhausted).
  • What’s for dinner?

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