Beware The Last Trimester

I am about a day away from the 32 week mark in this pregnancy. I thought I knew what to expect at this point. I have been expecting the back pain, fatigue, general uncomfortableness, fake contractions and screwed up sleep schedule. I have been expecting to feel like I just don’t have any more room anywhere in my body while knowing it will stretch and adapt anyway. I have even been expecting leaky boobs at any moment.

The part that surprised me, that has me laying in bed miserable and awake…


It’s back.

With a bang.

I’m aware this isn’t an uncommon occurrence at this stage in pregnancy. I’m aware that many women, especially those with nausea at the beginning of pregnancy, do experience nausea right around now.

But I didn’t think it would happen to me.

Famous last words, I’m sure.


18 Replies to “Beware The Last Trimester”

  1. Oh man! You too?! I just wrote about that in my pregnancy update. I didn’t expect it either but yep! Every day for probably over a week now, I get morning sickness, and again in the afternoon now, and especially in the evenings. It seems it is getting more frequent and I came >< this close to throwing up yesterday. I was sitting on the couch crying. I just never thought that would happen to special 'ol ME in my third trimester lol.

    1. Ugh. Ugh…I can’t think about spaghetti. I think I might feel better if I could actually vomit.

      No. That’s a lie. It wouldn’t make me feel any better at all. I hate puking.

      Good luck to all of us in our times of nausea.

  2. Hey hun, I realize this is a tough situation for you and that it’s hard to give up on your birth plan for a c-section. *But* I don’t know anybody whose birth went according to plan. In fact one of my prenatal yoga pals labored au naturel with the Hypnobabies philosophy ($500 class) and an expensive doula ($1500) and after pushing for an hour or two she had to have a c-section! Lame, right?
    The only thing that matters is you and your baby are safe. And diabetes is no joke for either one of you, especially since your body is being fickle right now.
    Read this story of another blogger–how the diabetes affected her son post-delivery (they’re both fine but it was complicated). And maybe the c-section won’t seem like such a bitter pill to swallow.

    1. I have been down the induction and c-section road. It really isn’t something I want, but if it is obviously medically necessary I’m not going to refuse. The key to that is medically necessary, though. I don’t think we are at a point in which that decision can be made.

      I would still rather skip the induction and go straight for a c-section if things do come to that. I don’t respond well to any synthetic hormones, historically speaking.

      But for now, fingers crossed that the next scan is much better!

      1. I don’t blame you for not wanting the induction! I reeeeeally want to avoid that too. I don’t have prior experience but it just sounds miserable.
        If you have to have a c-section then I hope you get everything you want (I was told to have alternate birth plans for various situations so I’ve considered what the “best possible c-section” would be).
        I’ve actually elected (OB gave me a choice) to have bi-weekly NST’s from now until birth, just to spy on my kid–I’ll feel relieved when she’s born because I worry, which is one positive thing about meeting your baby a little early 🙂 XOXO

      2. It was very miserable for me. I know some women have great inductions that go right on schedule, though. I just don’t think it will ever work that way for me.

        I will have a birth preferences sheet for both an induction and a c-section. Good advice you received there. 🙂 Good luck on your NSTs. I’m hoping he doesn’t sleep through mine and freak the doctor out some more!

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