Aladdin Makes It Better

I’m warning you now, this is an erratically written post. I can’ t help it. Just go with it.

I have had an odd week. My blood sugar has been low all week, my blood pressure has been low, my IQ has been really low, and my mood has shifted about twelve trillion times. I have 9 weeks and a few days (67 days total according to my app) to go before I hit my due date. I cannot even formulate proper paragraphs to share with you all at this moment. I can’t imagine what state my brain will be in by week 40.

I have had a couple of freelance writing jobs to complete this week, and I most definitely used the last bit of brain power I possess to get the jobs finished. I was online, bidding for more gigs when my extreme annoyance with humanity at large prompted me to take a break.

Ham sandwich in one hand, and Aladdin playing on the tube. That is what is happening in my house right now. Aladdin brings back happy childhood memories, and I still find it so entertaining. I teared up though, opening scene, when Robin Williams is playing the part of the vendor, because Robin Williams is no longer on this earth. Sad. Another mood swing. Oh joy.

My poor family. Someone should pray for them.

Tuesday, I had to get a little procedure done on my toe. Let me make this short and sweet, though. Remember that post about a sore toe and getting the pregnant woman in your life a pedicure? Well, that sore toe ended up infected. Hence the procedure. So, let me reiterate–get the pregnant woman in your life a pedicure. My refusal to get a $27.00 pedicure resulted in a $50.00 copay.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got for this screwed up Thursday afternoon.


9 Replies to “Aladdin Makes It Better”

  1. We went to go see night at the museum 3 not long ago and I teared up at robin’s first scene….then in the ending scene I freaking bawled!!!!

  2. Ouch on the toe! I hope it feels better soon.
    Hey, don’t feel bad about the IQ. I drove right past the pharmacy yesterday even though I had just 1 shot left. I failed to take my shopper rewards card to the store with me and missed out on $$ of coupons I had uploaded to it. Never mind that I had a copy of the card in my phone app. I didn’t realize that until late last night…. I could go on and on but frankly, my brain is too lazy right now to think.

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