Feet, What Are Feet?

My feet have completely disappeared these days. I see them only when I’m not using them. I tried clipping my toenails last week, and I still have a toe that is sore from my haphazard efforts. I’m not even sure my feet are down there anymore except that they take me places (and my toe hurts). Someone asked me if I have had any swelling. I shrugged my shoulders and stuck a leg out for them to inspect.

The moral of this story–treat any pregnant woman you know to a pedicure. She needs it!



7 Replies to “Feet, What Are Feet?”

    1. I told my husband a pedicure is definitely in the near future. I might have to ask my mom to clip my toe nails otherwise and that is just not appealing! (My husband’s clipping methods are frightening so he isn’t an option)

      1. Oh boy! Yeah I don’t even want to think about my husband clipping my nails! That’s frightening. And I would probably kick him in the face because I am super ticklish lol.

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