Freelance Writing

This shift in career for me has been wonderful and panic-inducing simultaneously.  I cannot look at a calendar and say I will get paid on that date and that date.  This shift from reliable, expected pay to unreliable, unexpected pay has been quite…nerve-wracking, to say the least.  My husband’s continuous encouragement and support has been the so fantastic, though!  He is the only reason some days that I didn’t give up and get a real job.

On this Sunday, I am in awe of what my unreliable career has done for me and my family this week.  I managed to get contract after contract this week.  Two of the writing projects were going to require quite a bit of research which means they would both take some time.  I agreed to complete them with a rather short deadline knowing that I would have two entire days to complete these projects because Eva would be staying at her grandma’s for those two days.  Of course, the unexpected occurred and Eva was home with me.  I also lost a significant part of the day that was to be dedicated to another contract due to my obstetrician and ultrasound appointments taking much, much longer than usual.  Add it all up, and I was a day late on a deadline.  I feel terrible for missing a deadline, and I am hoping that I haven’t burned a bridge with a contractor.

Despite my worries, I still managed to meet my monthly earnings goal in the matter of only a few days!  I am quite pleased, to say the least.  I am saying prayers of thanks, for sure.  This new year is so full of hope and joy for me.

I wonder what all of you are hoping for in this new year.  What is your heart’s wish and mind’s goal for this year?  I would love to hear about it. 


7 Replies to “Freelance Writing”

    1. Well, I have wanted to be a writer most of my teenage/adult life. I just never thought I could actually earn a living doing it. I started this blog in May as a tool to help my writing. I am a strong believer in use it or lose it, and I wasn’t doing any writing so this was my use it. In August, I joined as a freelance writer and began working on my resume and cover letter. I started applying for different freelance writing projects on oDesk and had very limited success at first. I kept applying, and I worked for much less than what was profitable to me. The more experience I got, the more projects I got, the more I could charge. I’m finally charging a rate that makes it worth my time, which is fantastic!

      I am going to have a guest blogger this coming week that will talk about writing and then we will be doing a follow up Q&A post that you might be interested in reading. She is a professional writer/editor.

      Man, that answer was a post itself.

  1. I think that’s so awesome that you can do that! I have thought about it from time to time….maybe I should look into it some more.

      1. I worked on my blog goals this weekend. Even posted on my wall ofn organization things I could blog about that I knew about lol. Ohyes I have a wall of organization. So we’ll see how I fair after this baby is born whether or not I am able to fit in any extra writing. Although I did toy around this weekend about my idea of finally writing a book….ya know instead of cleaning

      2. I wrote a book. That’s really how this started. I thought it was pretty good, but I wanted an EPIC kind of good. I find myself looking through and editing thinking, “Man, I am so glad I write professionally now because this book is getting so much better.” The more I write, the better I get (maybe minus my blog, ha!). Maybe our babies will enjoy chilling while we write (and NOT clean the house!).

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