Baby Brain

Eva’s grandparents on her father’s side are great people.  I always say I got them in the divorce because we have maintained a good relationship while Eva’s father had a difference of opinion with them and no longer speaks to them.  We spend Christmas Eve with these grandparents and their extended family.  Eva knows all of her cousins (that are in Missouri, anyway) as a result, and she has a fantastic relationship with her grandparents.  Her grandparents (she used to call them her other parents because she preferred to abbreviate grandparents) and my husband and I always exchange gifts.  This year, they got my husband and I a joint gift of a Keurig 2.0!


Being the pregnant lady that I am, I thought first about my caffeine restriction.  Next, as my thoughts shifted to hot cocoa, I mentally reminded myself of my sugar restriction due to gestational diabetes.  I was ready to relegate myself to waiting to seriously enjoy this Keurig until after the baby is born when it occurred to me–this is the best bottle warmer ever!  A little hot water in a cup, add the bottle, and voila!  I just about danced with glee I think.  I have already enjoyed it with a cup of tea last night, and a cup of Hazelnut coffee this morning, and my husband acts like a kid with a new toy (after he about teared up while unplugging his trusty coffee maker).  I have some pretty thoughtful people in my life.

Now, I just need to find the cheapest place to order K-cups.  A reusable filter is already on order!


4 Replies to “Baby Brain”

  1. Ha ha you should’ve seen me explaining to my now husband on our first date that i was living with my exhusbands cousins(I had just moved back up here from AZ) I had to constantly assure him that I won them in the divorce and he had chosen not to have any contact with his aunts uncles and cousins. Now of course my husband is just part of the family and they all love him!

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