The Day After

Is it possible to have a Christmas hangover without having consumed a single drop of alcohol?  If so, I believe I have one.  My head aches, my eyes squint at any bright light, my ears beg for the television (and my family) to be quiet, and my stomach turns at the thought of eating.  Now I know, this probably means I have a migraine, but I don’t get migraines (at least not the kind that causes any of these symptoms).  I’m blaming Christmas.  The yuletide joy has overloaded my neurons.

Eva had a fantastic Christmas.  She opened her presents, getting many things that she didn’t request but loving each item anyway.  She got a Zoomer Dino, which is a big hit.  She also got a fort kit I made (a sheet with loops and the kit included some rope and clothes pins).  She had that up in no time with the help of my husband.  Shortly after every present had been opened, there were new toys and things strewn across the floor in every room of the house.  It was a trail to happiness because at the end of each trail of mess a very happy, content Eva could be found busily engaged in exploring the new possibilities of each gift.

For my Christmas present, my husband and Eva cleaned the house (except for the clean up of Christmas gifts).  They did a thorough cleaning of the bathroom and the kitchen, allowing me to take a nap.  I also got a massage from my husband; I just need to schedule it.  I think the baby flipped from facing my spine to facing my belly button overnight as well, his belated Christmas present to me I suppose.  I’m hoping I can convince him to flip back again, since this is not an ideal position for birth.  I can feel what I think are his hands and feet flapping about all over at once every twenty minutes or so.

It is our family policy to stay home Christmas day.  We don’t go see anyone or go anywhere.  All the grandparents know where to find us if they would like to see us.  My parents came over in the evening and ate dinner with us and played with Eva.  She got Uno and Junior Scrabble for Christmas so we broke those out to enjoy with grandma while grandpa dosed while watching form the recliner.  It was a fun day and a peaceful Christmas.

I hope all of you had a wonderful day as well!  Here’s to the coming new year (I say with a raised glass of water in my hand)!


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