Building The Baby Registry

In the original post, I forgot to mention a Boppy pillow.  I found a Boppy pillow to be invaluable.  It wasn’t even a brand name pillow, but it was horse-shoe shaped.  It worked great to help cushion my arm when holding Eva, or lay her on it next to me.  I used it every day for her.  I got one second-hand this time around, and I am very excited about it!

Well, the baby is due to be here in a short 13 weeks.  Lord only knows if we will make it to the due date or if my due date will come and go without event.  I spent some time going over baby registry items and then registering.  After a lot of frustration (Wal-Mart only does online gift registries now is the short story), I finally registered at Target.  I also discovered everything I registered for at Target is slightly more expensive than the items I had chosen at Wal-Mart.  It doesn’t really matter, though, since the only way to access a Wal-Mart registry is online now.  I have too many people in my family that wouldn’t even dream of purchasing online.

So, I have two lists that I’m going to share with you all.  One is my list for new items, and the other is a list for items that I will be looking to purchase second-hand.


  1. Car seat/stroller combo.  My husband’s grandma has insisted she wants to purchase a combo stroller and car seat with the base for the car for convenience’s sake.  If she wasn’t adamant about this specific item, we would be getting just a car seat and base.  We chose a three-wheeled stroller that has slightly larger wheels, also known as a jogging stroller.  The larger wheels allow for driving on uneven surfaces which will work well when we visit grandparents (lots of outdoor fun at each grandparents’ house).  The wheels also made it more comfortable for my husband to push the stroller.  He is over six feet tall, and obviously his stride is a bit long, especially compared to mine.  The wheels are a little further to the side than some strollers, so he doesn’t kick them with each step.  We have changed our minds again, though, because the bottom line is a jogging stroller is just too big to fit in my car.  Since I will be the primary care giver, it doesn’t make much sense to get something that won’t even fit in my car.  We are researching smaller strollers, but we will probably end up not getting one so long as his grandma will be okay with this.  If you knew the lady and situation, you would understand why her feelings on the matter are extremely important to us both.  She is a fantastic lady, and I’m sure this won’t be a problem for her, but her feelings are important to us both.
  2. Crib.  My mother has already declared she will be purchasing the crib (bless her).  I chose a basic model that will convert to a twin size head board and foot board.  I still have a toddler bed from Eva that is gender neutral enough for use with our baby boy.  I’m going to miss the drop-side crib, though.  It sure made getting the baby out of the crib less of a strain.
  3. Linens.  Flannel receiving blankets are awesome.  I was given somewhere around a dozen when I had Eva, and I thought for sure there was no possible way I would use all of them before I could do a load of laundry.  Ha!  I certainly did, many times over.  You can’t have too many receiving blankets, especially with a newborn.  Spit up, explosive poops, spilled milk during feedings–the list goes on and on as to why you can go through seven or eight in a day.  These receiving blankets make great day-time swaddler, especially if the baby is getting passed around a lot from warm body to warm body.  Also, on the list is a 3 pack of swaddlers.  I could probably double this amount, though, but I know this will only be used for about the first three months so I would prefer to be conservative.  Burp cloths are so awesome, too.  The old school cloth diaper that can be purchased cheaply in the three or six pack can double for burp cloths that also happen to be more absorbent than the average burp cloth.  Fitted crib sheets, a minimum of five, are also essential.  Three crib mattress pads come in handy as well, to keep the baby insulated from the sweat-inducing plastic of the crib mattress.
  4. Bath time accessories.  Head-to-toe, scent-free and dye-free baby wash in a pump, a 3 pack of hooded towels, a 6 pack of wash cloths, and a baby tub that is designed to fit over my kitchen sink made the list.  The tub, towels, and even wash cloths can be purchased second-hand, for sure, because each can either be bleached or soaked in vinegar for antibacterial purposes.
  5. Feeding accessories.  Bottles, nipples, breast milk storage pouches, spare membranes for my breast pump, gel soothies for my nipples, lanolin, breast pads, a nursing cover-up and bibs are all on the list.  Specifically, 9 5 ounce Playtex Ventaire bottles and 5 9 ounce bottles are what I added.  I hesitate to add bottles because some babies are particular, but I need some on hand either way to try.  So, I will only open one package of bottles until I know if they will work for this baby boy.  A bottle brush that has a removable nipple brush and a little cage-looking thing to put bottle accesories in the dishwasher (dishwasher basket is the more official name) are also essential.  The basket doesn’t have to be new, by any means, but they are fairly cheap and I have never seen one used for sale anywhere.  Also, the microwavable bags to steam clean the parts on the breast pump were recommended to me.  I will give them a try.  It was recently recommended in the comments on this post that I give silicone baby food storage trays a try.  The trays have lids, and each little reservoir is 2 ounces in size.  Add breast milk, put the lid on, and freeze was the suggestion.  The frozen breast milk cubes can be easily removed and then put into a freezer bag.  I will be purchasing these online since I can’t seem to find them anywhere locally.  I can use them later on for storing home made baby food (I already own a Ninja chopper/puree thingy).  I also registered for some silicone-tipped baby spoons.
  6. Travel needs.  A Moby wrap made the list, but it isn’t essential.  It is more of a wish.  I made a wrap out of a sheet with Eva when she was little and colicky.  I couldn’t get anything done the mornings after the nights filled with colic crying because she would cry every time I set her down for more than two minutes.  I did a lot of things one handed, as I held her with the other hand.  I finally made the wrap as a solution to the problem–keeping her close while freeing my hands for other things.  I would also prefer to use a wrap while shopping.  A dispenser with little plastic bags that reminds me of the bags people use to pick up dog poop definitely comes in handy.  A poopy diaper in an enclosed space, such as a car, is an awful thing.  You can change the baby and throw the diaper in one of these bags and then tie it shut, sealing off the source of smell, until you can find a trash can.  I also used these when we were at someone else’s home as a courtesy so their home didn’t begin to smell of poop every time someone opened the trash can.  A backpack diaper bag is also very useful for hauling about diapers, wipes, a changing pad, bottles, a change of clothes (for baby and you), food for me and baby (snacks and a bottle of water for mom is essential in my opinion), etc.  I prefer the backpack because a shoulder bag tends to fall off the shoulder.  It ends up in the crook of my arm, or I end up with a back ache from leaning to keep it on my shoulder.
  7. Diapers and scent free wipes.  I have registered for sizes 1 through 3, skipping newborn completely because they only fit babies up to 8 lbs.  The diapers sent home with us from the hospital were sufficient for Eva.  By the time we needed more diapers, she was already big enough for size 1.
  8. Diaper rash cream.  Purple-boxed Desitin, or the off-brand store version, is the only diaper ointment I ever needed for Eva.  If you read the label, it will have 40% zinc oxide.  Most other creams, including the blue-boxed Desitin, only have 14% zinc oxide.  I registered for a giant tub of the 40% zinc oxide as well as a smaller tube for the diaper bag.
  9.  Diaper pail.  I found a diaper pail at Target that is only $29.99 and it will fit any type of trash bags, which will save me a ton of money in the long run.
  10. A portable white noise maker made the list.  This was especially helpful during nap times with Eva.
  11. The cheapest baby monitor I could find.  I just need to hear him.
  12. Playtime accessories.  I registered for a walker and a doorway jumper.  The walker can certainly be purchased second-hand, but I am a little paranoid about the doorway jumper.
  13. Storage tubs.  I already have one storage tub full of diapers, and I need several more to divide up the baby clothes we have to put in the basement to store so we have room for other things.


  1. A bouncer/swing.
  2. A bassinet if it is the right price.  We can live without it so long as I don’t have a c-section.  If I do have a c-section, then it is a must in my book.  My husband’s sister has already offered her bassinet up to us, so I imagine we will have one.
  3. A high chair/booster seat of some sort.  We were very lucky to find one on sale during the black Friday sales.  We spent $20.00 on an item that is usually $40.00.
  4. Stroller.
  5. Clothes, except that we already have all the clothes we need.  My brother found a large lot of used boy clothes sizes newborn to 18 months in the appropriate seasons.  In the same lot was all the same sized clothes, but in the opposite seasons as well.  This is helpful because if our baby grows more quickly or more slowly than average, we will have other clothing options.  He purchased all of these items, shoes included, for $150.00.
  6. Dresser.

An odd thing that doesn’t fit on my registry with Target is an Amazon gift card.  I would like to work on a playlist that will help me distract myself a bit during labor.  This is something I will mention to the one or two people that will specifically ask me what I want that isn’t on the list.  My brothers usually just ask me to tell them what to buy.  As for a changing table, I had one with Eva and I think I used it maybe a dozen times or less.  I know there is probably a lot more gear out there these days, but I think Eva and I did really well with what we had and this list isn’t that much different.  I also made sure that not only did each item, like wipes and baby wash and lotion, said hypo-allergenic, but I also made it a point to look for scent-free.  I am sensitive to scents, and Eva would get a rash anytime I used a scented anything on her until she was around two.

If any of you have any insight in to something that I have listed or something that I have not listed but you found to be invaluable, I would love to hear about it.  Please leave me a comment!

There is an entire list of other things I will need that I won’t be putting on the registry.  Things like a hospital nightgown, nursing bras, new undies (because I will probably ruin many after birth), scent-free dye-free laundry soap, industrial-absorbency pads, freezer bags, absorbent bed pads are all things I will purchase here and there as we get closer to my due date.  I also will start cooking meals to be frozen around the 36 week mark, or at least that is my plan.  My mom will help me make some diaper changing pads that are waterproof using flannel and some special type of iron-on effacing stuff she uses, too.  So there is my list!


17 Replies to “Building The Baby Registry”

  1. This is SO helpful! Making the registry has been very difficult for me, but I did do a lot of what you mentioned & will do the rest!
    For strollers–my husband is 6’6″ and I’m 5’9″, and we wanted the same type of stroller you want (detachable car seat, sporty, made for tall people) and we bought the Britax B Ready model–which they carry at Target! The handlebar extends up to 44″, which is more than most others & it handles beautifully. XOXO

    1. Yay! I’m glad it was helpful. If I had a bigger car we would get the jogging stroller and be done, but I don’t. It is a 99 Corolla, which is tiny.
      I am getting eager to have everything here and ready! Hugs to you as you guys get closer!

      1. I didn’t mention but the britax b ready is 4 wheels, not 3 wheels. I still wouldn’t call it “compact” but way less bulky than a jogger. I did register for a boppy pillow! Thank you! XOXO

    2. I forgot a Boppy pillow! It doesn’t have to be a Boppy brand, but one of those horse shoe shaped pillows really was very helpful with Eva. I will have to edit the post now. Haha!

  2. After having everything under the sun with my first 4 and then taking a different(hey i’m a tree hugging hippie momma lol)approach last time the things i ended up using the most was clothes,diapers,the moby(love the sheet idea), and ummmm that was really it.

    1. Most definitely. I definitely picked some things for my convenience, like an automatic bouncer, since I am working from home these days. Was your Moby pretty simple? I’m a bit intimiadted by it.

      1. I WISH squishy would’ve liked the bouncy seat! She wanted nothing but to be held!!! She might last maybe 5 minutes in one. Yes once I practiced and got the hang of it the Moby was pretty easy. Sadly she outgrew it fast and then I lent it to a friend and then when I got it back we had just gotten over the miscarriage and we weren’t having any more kids(ha ha yeah right),so I gave it away.

      2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you too!!! As much as I love attachment parenting,every mommy needs a break…and thank you.

      3. I have lots of grandmas that will gladly give me a breather when I need it. I’m really glad I get the chance to work from home, but I know there will be days that I will need a break. Eva had colic…that was awful. I’m praying for a non-colicky baby this time around!

  3. Loved my nursing pillow, however I hardly ever used it in front of my body…but rather I used it behind my back to prop me up at night when feeding. Worked great for me that way. If I needed a pillow for arm/baby support, I just used a regular pillow.

    For breastfeeding moms, I suggest getting a (cute) water bottle or two so that you can always have one on hand when you are bf’ing. I know that even just thinking about bf’ing made me thirsty!

    I too am sensitive for smells and have sensitive skin. Something that is done in Finland and that I love is just washing a baby’s bum in/ the sink under running water, then dry it off with a towel. I think I only went through 1 pack of diaper wipes in the first year because of that. Even when out and a bout, I had a burp cloth that I used for diaper changes. Bathrooms are quite baby/family friendly here (in many places). I hope to get my pillow back from a friend I gave it to when I didn’t think we’d ever have another child. 😀

    Good luck! The list looks gret!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! Very helpful! I am unsure of what to get for formula feeding vs. breast feeding. My doctors are not sure I’ll be able to breast feed because of my previous surgery . . . I hope you’re doing well! ❤

    1. Well, formula feeding requires way less equipment. I formula fed Eva. Bottles, extra nipples (the nipples come in different flow appropriate for different ages so you need extra 0-3 month and 3-6 and 6-9) and some formula.

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