The Dinosaurs Strike Again

This morning, Eva woke up with a smile.  She exclaimed to me, “It’s Christmas Eve!”  She nudged me because, of course, I didn’t have quite the enthusiastic response she was looking for.  My response was somewhere between a grunt and a yawn.

She then climbed back off my bed and off she went.  About thirty seconds later, she bellowed for me.  I knew what she had found before she said anything.  You see, some elves might have needed assistance finding the tape and wrapping paper and wrapping presents last night in to the late night, and I might have been the one up helping them.  Before I went to bed, I noticed the dinosaurs had created more mess and mischief.  This is the sight I beheld before going to sleep.





The dinosaurs had tipped over Eva’s port-a-crib for her babies which contained weeks’ worth of cut up scrap materials.  She loves to cut things up that are slated for trash and make confetti.  The deal is, though, that I don’t find any of it spread around the house or it all goes in the trash.  Apparently, the dinosaurs don’t care about the rules.  The blinds are also off-limits.  Nothing seems off-limits to the dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs even recruited a few more mischief-makers this time, namely a giraffe, a zebra, an elephant, and a couple horses.

Eva couldn’t contain her smile and giggles as she told me what the dinosaurs had done.  I gave her the expected groan and sigh.  She reassured me she would clean up their mess and fix the blinds, which she did very quickly and with a smile.

One more memory made.


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