The Third Trimester–The Final Frontier…And Eva

“These are the voyages of the starship” of a pregnant, crabby woman.

Ah hem.  Excuse me, my nerd was hanging out.  For those of you that had a life in the nineties, I am referencing the show Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I even recently taught my non-Trekkie husband “ugly bags of mostly water” is a great summary of a human one does not like.  But, back to the point of this post, if there is one.

My pregnancy app beeped at me yesterday to inform me that I have officially entered the third trimester of pregnancy.  I informed my husband later that evening that we had entered the third trimester, and he should really begin to give me many more massages.  So far, results have varied.  My husband showed me a meme on Facebook that summed up the three trimesters of pregnancy as:

1. I want to vomit!

2. Awww baby kicks!

3. Get this thing out of me now!

I haven’t (let me knock on some wood real fast before I finish this thought) reached the point where I am ready to get this baby out yet, but I am definitely getting uncomfortable.  My sacrum or sacroiliac joint on the left side is freaking out daily.  Yoga is still the only thing that seems to help.

The gestational diabetes has been interesting so far.  I am just as frequently too high as I am too low.  I have all the right foods and I am eating them, despite craving ice cream like crazy.  Eva has been the best part about this pregnancy (well, you know, other than my baby I am carrying).  She is so involved in the growth and development and all things baby.  It is nice to see her taking it all so naturally and with grace.  I hope that continues when there is a screaming baby in the house.  I want to share some Eva-isms that have popped up concerning my pregnancy.

I set an alarm on my phone for an hour after I have finished breakfast and lunch so I can see how my blood sugar is affected by certain foods.  Eva, my six-year-old, has gotten so used to this that she usually calls it right before the alarm goes off.  One slight hiccup is that she usually tells me it is time to check my blood pressure, not my blood sugar.  She somehow thinks they are the same and will not hear any arguments to the contrary.

I keep calling Eva my little know-it-all because she continues to instruct me in all things pregnancy.  I have been sharing with her the weekly video updates from my pregnancy app.  It covers everything from how the baby is developing this week to what I should expect as far as discomfort goes.  It even mentions things like not to worry if I hear an irregular heartbeat for the baby in the next few weeks because this is common in a developing heart.  Last week, as I was complaining to my husband about my sacrum pain, Eva reminded me that this pain was to be expected and the best solution was to stretch and participate in some moderate exercise.  She definitely had a I’m-smart-and-you’re-an-amateur tone to her words.  I just raised an eyebrow and turned to look at my husband who was trying very hard without much success to hide his smile and snickers, and then I continued my conversation.

At our last trip to a maternity clothing store, as we were checking out, Eva went over and grabbed one more item.  She was trying to get me to purchase one of the pregnancy pillows that is curved at the top and the bottom.  Again, my app suggested a body pillow would be a good idea.

Eva has now began to try to use my stethoscope to listen to the baby.  She is trying desperately to find his heart beat, or hear him kicking or flailing or anything.  Every once in a while, he will hit the stethoscope causing some noise, which she chooses to interpret as her baby brother being playful.

This morning, she got up, went to the bathroom, then crawled into my bed to snuggle for a bit before getting up.  She scooted close and then placed her hand on my belly.  She used the other hand to begin to poke (mostly gently) my belly.  She volunteered that she was trying to get her brother to kick so she could feel him.  She was successful, too.

Later in the afternoon, she asked me to lift my shift up so she could see my belly.  I reluctantly complied.  She then signaled my husband and both of them looked very eager.  It is usually a bad sign when they are conspiring together.  My husband then pulled out a flashlight and turned it on.  They pressed the flashlight to my belly and asked me to point out the baby’s current location.  They moved the flashlight a little closer and then sure enough, the baby began kicking.  They could see my belly moving, and they both giggled.  Eva had initiated this scheme when she informed my husband that the baby should be able to discern light from darkness at this point.

Eva informed me that I am stretching out my yoga ball when i sit on it.  She hastily added that it was just because the baby is making me so big.  Sigh.  She has said this now several times.  Mostly because she really likes my yoga ball and she is concerned I’m going to make it lopsided.

She has/had strep throat earlier in the week.  She seems to be recovering quite well, thankfully.  Amazing what antibiotics can do for a girl.  As she was feeling so incredibly miserable, she said at one point that she was very glad her brother wasn’t here yet because she would hate to see him so sick.  She is so sweet.  There is just no other way to say it.

To help her keep track of how long it takes for a baby to grow and develop over 40 weeks, we made a construction paper chain back when we still had a little over 200 days to go until due date.  She continues to tear a link off the chain every day to keep track of the days.  When we made the chain, we could stretch it out across two-thirds the length of our apartment.  Now it is about nine feet long.  We have 93 more days until the due date.

The chain at the end of August
The chain at the end of August

I am so thankful that Eva is so happy to have a little brother on the way.  I made sure by saying the words out loud that she knew that by having a baby I wasn’t going to love her any less or any differently.  I have made a conscious effort to make her feel involved in baby-related things, like the gift registry and ultrasound appointments.  She is the one who got to announce to Facebook via photos that we are expecting and later the gender (she reveled in that one because it involved a balloon and a box).  I have made sure to share with her baby kicks as soon as they could be seen and felt.  I show her the videos on the pregnancy app (which has been a blessing and a curse).  She even got to contribute to the pool of names from which we chose his name.  I have said the words to her that babies need a lot of care and attention, and they do not operate on the same schedule as the rest of us.  This was my attempt to prepare her to share her mother and to be more flexible with her schedule.  I will keep saying these words to her, too.  Now I just pray that I have done everything I can to prepare her for the shift a little brother will bring to her life.


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