20 Days into my 100 Day Challenge

I am reblogging for my own reference. I have been using prenatal yoga and it has made quite a difference in helping my sciatic pain and lower back pain. I also feel like it is helping prepare my body for later stages of pregnancy and labor.

Cultivating Habits

Yesterday marked day 20 of my current 100 day challenge: to stay active in the final days of my pregnancy.  I’m happy to report that I did something every day and have continued to keep myself accountable by making daily videos.

In these last ten days I have stepped into my third trimester!  I’m probably going to say this at every update, but I really can’t get over how fast time is flying.  I’m getting so excited to meet him!

Also, baby has been kicking like crazy this week!!  He’s getting bigger and I can feel his kicks getting stronger and stronger.  Danny’s been giving him stern talking tos about repeatedly kicking me in my right side, which do not seem to be helping.  It’s funny, at first I was so excited about every little kick, now it’s more like, OK baby…that’s enough now 🙂  This doesn’t mean I’m not…

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