Homemade Christmas

This year, we are doing Christmas a little differently.  I think the biggest influence on this change has been the fact that I have more time.  Eva is in school, my freelance writing projects have (so far) been short and sweet with flexible dead lines, and I have a big (for us) house with plenty of room for projects.  All factors come together to form the perfect chance for me to do some homemade gifts this year for Christmas.

Needless to say, Pinterest has become a necessity.  I never thought we would see the day that I, the non-craft person, would ever cave and become a Pinterest junkie.  Here I am, though, Pinterest’ing away!  I have plans for crafting Fort Kits, Incognito packs, and bath bombs.  Pretty ambitious for me, the lady that never does crafts.  I started with the most volatile of the group–the bath bombs.  I figured if I can manage to pull these off, then the rest of my goals should be relatively simple by comparison.  Now I share the news of my success!  I have successfully made bath bombs!

The plan for this year is that all of Eva’s cousins will receive a family basket full of homemade gifts that were (relatively speaking) inexpensive and promote imagination and quality time as a family.  I’m sure some of my brothers will be thrilled (not so much) that they will be recruited to help form a fort in the living room with their kiddos!  Eva will be receiving some homemade gifts as well, which will be a lot of fun because she has a great imagination!

I will leave you all with this, a photo of my bath bomb success:


Followed by a picture of my bath bomb failure:


with a word of warning to myself–don’t get cocky after your first success and start substituting ingredients like you know what you’re doing!  Stick to the recipe!  It has proven to work!


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