6 Months (24 Weeks) Pregnant

It’s hard to believe I am already at the 24 week mark.  It seems like it was only a couple weeks ago when I (finally) got my positive pregnancy test.  Time has flown by!  I looked back through the pregnancy photos and compared them to today.  Here is a glimpse of the difference 20 weeks can make:


The picture on the left is at 4 weeks pregnant, and the picture on the right is from today at 24 weeks.  I wasn’t exactly scrawny to begin with, but wow, that belly has really popped!

New this month:

1. I have been doing yoga 5-7 times a week which seems to really help with all my aches and pains.

2. I go to get my glucose tolerance test completed later this week.  Fingers crossed!

3. We have all the clothes we need for the baby!  My brother got a whole bunch second-hand from a family he knows.  They are all nice and it was very reasonably priced.  I am so excited for this!

4. I have figured out Morgan’s (this baby in my belly) sleep cycles based on movement.  There are specific times of the day that he is extremely active, and then I can tell when it must be nap time because he will be still for a while.

5. I have gained some weight.  I am only one pound away from being at my pre-pregnancy weight.  I’m not sure how my doctor will feel about this, but I really am trying my best to eat healthy and make good choices. It bothers me way more than it probably should.

Not new this month:

1. I still need to pee when I need to pee and not a moment later.

2. I’m still pretty moody.  Not really much of a surprise.

I happen to be sick at the moment.  I have a cold, and I have to say, I am a big wimp.  I can’t deal with the common cold without lots of Nyquil and Dayquil, but since I am pregnant I definitely can’t take anything.  So, all-natural, pregnant-safe remedies it is!  I drank some herbal tea last night in desperation and then had a freak out moment when I realized it had Hibiscus in it.  I had never looked up Hibiscus previously, and when I did (after I drank the crap) I found that it has been known to start menstruation or uterine contractions.  I did some kick counts on the baby and just tried to relax.  Luckily, nothing out of the ordinary happened.  I was definitely breathing a sigh of relief this morning when eight hours had passed and nothing happened.  In another month, I get to see my baby again.  There will be another anatomy scan to check him over since we couldn’t get a good picture of his heart at the 20 week scan.  We also get some 3D imaging this time around.  Fingers crossed for a free and clear glucose tolerance test!


12 Replies to “6 Months (24 Weeks) Pregnant”

  1. I’m a bit confused as to why your doc would be upset about you gaining weight during your pregnancy. It sounds like everything is going great and I’m glad you found something to help take away the aches and pains

      1. Thanks! Good luck to you, too! I got my glucometer today and I have been monitoring. My existing diet is apparently just fine because my levels have been great all day without modifying anything! It’s been very encouraging!

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