Prayers For St. Louis

The grand jury verdict in the death of Michael Brown is officially in.  Darren Wilson, the officer that shot Michael brown, will not be indicted on any charges.  Now we wait with breath held to see if protesting will be peaceful, or at least mostly peaceful.  It would be nice to make it through this without riots. An interview immediately following the verdict announcement between local news and a state representative who was advocating for healing and peace was interrupted to show a man walking down the street throwing things at buildings.  He was yelling, “Shame on you” as he walked briskly down the street, throwing things (I couldn’t tell what the objects were).  Police moved in and quickly took him in to custody, which he didn’t resist.

The next few days will be tense, to say the least, for all those in the region.  I will be praying for peace and for a purposeful dialogue.  That’s the best I can do.

Anyone who wants to see local coverage, you can watch live coverage on,, or

Ahhh…and it looks like the tear gas is out.  Prayers are needed.


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