Getting Organized…Finally

We have been living in our new home for exactly sixty-four days.  I have been nagging my husband to finish putting Eva’s (our six-year-old daughter) bed together for about sixty of those days now.  My husband and his best friend built her a fantastic bed a couple winters ago on a snow day.  This bed doubled the space in her bedroom when we lived in the apartment, and it was just pretty darn cool!  This bed is also pretty big, and they had to build it in the room because of its size.  My husband had put enough of it together that she could sleep in it, but it wasn’t complete.  I have had the big front wall of her bed sitting in my dining-room-turned-play-room hindering my all my organization efforts.  But, it is finally done!  I can start putting things in order now!  Now, I just need to paint some of bits and pieces of the bed…



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