My Big Baby Belly

Just a warning, I am not sparing personal pregnancy details in this one.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been having some belly pain happening.  As my baby boy is growing (rapidly, apparently) my body is trying to keep up with the demand for more space.  I even had an extra ultrasound to check my cervix a week ago because the cramping and pain was enough to concern me.  On both the 20 and 21 week ultrasounds, he is head down and all the way against my cervix (which is still closed up tight, thankfully).  I have been feeling most of his movements against my pelvis and bladder (he has made me pee myself a bit several times now).  He likes to push against my below-the-belly pant-line, too, especially if it’s a pair that is a little snug.  I noticed last night I am not only feeling him way down low, but he is also kicking way up by my belly button, too.  This is going to be a long pregnancy, I’m afraid.  Today, I thought I was dying.  The menstrual cramp feeling was intense.  I tried stretching out to hopefully ease some of the discomfort, but all that accomplished was stabbing, pulling pain that I assume is ligament pain (happens every, single time I sneeze) according to my doctor’s assessment.

I have been getting increasingly paranoid that this baby boy is going to be very big.  I asked my husband to find out from his mother how big he was at birth.  I was pretty average weighing in right around 8 pounds and about 20 inches.  My husband finally informed me Sunday night that he was almost 10 pounds and 22 1/4 inches long.  By the end of the day today, as I sit here, with my belly still hurting and obvious stretching trying to happen, I am worried that my goal to have this baby completely naturally is going to blow up in my face.  If I have to have a Cesarean section, then I have to have an epidural.  An epidural and my body are two things that do not mix.  I had a lot of problems during and after my epidural last time.  Post c-section last time, I could not control my bowels, I had a severe headache, I had a severe backache, and I had back problems (including extreme weakness, numbness, tingling) for months after the birth of my daughter.  I would so much rather have a long, painful birthing than an epidural any day of the week.  To me, an epidural during birthing is the antithesis of what I want this birth to be.  My doctor knows this, and I have pushed to make sure she is on board with me being able to birth the way that I feel my body needs to at the moment.  Now I just hope that it isn’t going to be a wasted effort.

So what do I do with my anxieties?  I blog about them, of course!  I know the power of the mind over the body is not something to laugh at or shrug off.  I need to get over my fears otherwise I might become another self-fulfilling prophecy.  I’m going to stick with my moderate exercise and hope for the best.  If I can prepare my body, hopefully I can prepare my mind.  There is a lot of prayer in my future.


14 Replies to “My Big Baby Belly”

  1. My husband was 10 lbs and I hope this baby takes after me- I was only 6. I think around 7 would be perfect though. My mom said she had to stay in the hospital until I gained 1/2 a pound. At our level 2 ultrasound they said he is going to be a long one though! I’d rather have long than wide any day, lol.

  2. It sounds like you and I have many of the same hopes and fears for birth. I had a section too and the spinal block did a number on my back too. Even if I do attempt a vbac, my dr wants to place an epidural line (it doesn’t have to be on, just in place) just in case of emergency c section. I am terrified of spinal/epidural though because of being on blood thinner I am at a risk for spinal hematoma/paralysis.

    As far as having a big baby, I worried about that with Tru because my mom had two 10+ pound babies. Tru was only 6.6 though so my fears were for nothing. Even if I had went to 40 weeks, he would still have only been about 8 pounds. BUT, take heart because even if you do have a big boy, my mom had both of hers naturally with no meds at the midwifes house. And my mom is tiny, like 5’3″ so there is plenty of hope for a natural birth for you. 🙂 But we are going to hope your boy is a good, easy to deliver, healthy weight. 😉

    1. That sounds awful! Do you have the option to refuse it? Or is it medically necessary?

      Thank you! I know women give birth to big babies naturally, too, so I’m still hoping I can just not be fearful.

      1. Well, you do what is comfortable and right for you. My doctor has agreed to let me wander around, eat, drink, and monitoring baby only every 30 minutes until we get to the pushing stage. I will have an IV but it won’t be hooked up to anything. I know I need these things to be comfortable and I need to ne comfortable to be able to let my body work. All of thr things I’m asking for are pretty common in my area these days, but it certainly wasn’t a mere 6 years ago when I had Eva.

      2. That sounds really nice!! That would be the way I would do it if I could. I need to have a chat with my drs. I can’t have a birth plan. They don’t allow birth plans because of being high risk; they said they are impractical or something like that. But I think they would work with me.

      3. I don’t have a birth plan in writing because I know things can change rapidly, but I just talked to her about these things (in a this is what I want but I will be flexible depending on any complications leading up to birth or during) and she was totally on board. Here’s hoping for two good births!! I am only a week ahead of you so maybe I will be able to let you know how it went.

  3. Question about your belly pain, was it in the middle of your lower abdomen or more on one side? I’ve been having a nagging ache almost all day, whether standing or sitting, right in the middle. I’m 19.5 weeks, so I know things have to stretch at some point, just expected it to be short bursts of pain vs. a constant ache. Anyway, hope yours is gone now!

    1. I have had it to one side, in the middle, and everywhere at once. The pain in the middle didn’t even register with me really; we were at dinner and I was sitting there eating when it occurred to me that I must be getting ready to have a period because I had been cramping. Then my brain kicked in and said hey, idiot you don’t have periods now. I talked to my doctor about it who said to watch for any patterns (like does it happen after lifting, stress, lack of sleep, busy day, sex, etc.), any change in the baby’s movement, change in discharge or any bleeding. None of that happened. I have noticed that it seems to come and go in spurts and then I can feel the baby kicking a little higher after each day or two of the belly pain. So, I have no doubt it’s stretching. I’m short at only 5 feet 2 inches, and I think this makes it more noticeable to me when baby is growing.

      1. Thanks for your reply. After having pain the middle of my lower abdomen almost all day on Saturday, I had it only on the right side on Sunday. I’m sure it was round ligament, hopefully a good sign that baby is growing growing 🙂

      2. I’m glad you are sure of the source! Sometimes that makes all the difference. This morning, I woke up with a sore belly like I had participated in an ab challenge and no one informed me! Good luck!

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