ADVICE WANTED: Breast Milk Storage Systems

Now that I seem to have a clear winner from the breast pump advice post (Medela Pump In Style), I have now switched my focus to breast milk storage.  I am hoping that I will be able to pump enough to be a day ahead (at least) of my baby’s food needs.  Even though I will continue to be a work from home mom that doesn’t have to leave her baby, I like to be prepared for anything.  An even more insane thought, I would like to know that if my husband and I get the opportunity to be alone together for more than three hours that my baby won’t be starving without me.  This baby, as with my daughter Eva, will have no shortage of loving grandparents.  So, maybe a night out with my husband might not be a crazy thought that will only seem real in my dreams.

For breast milk storage, I am looking for something that is reliable (spills, tears, or cracks are not okay), reasonably priced, either drops in or transfers easily to a bottle, and has quick, easy clean up!  I don’t want to spend hours every day washing and sterilizing.  For Eva, we used the cheapie bottles made by Gerber (which I only sterilized upon purchasing).  Since then, Gerber has changed the nipples to a harder plastic that do not vent well in my experience.  So, Gerber probably isn’t happening this time around.  That also means I am open to purchasing a bottle that goes along with the breast milk storage system.  Amazon reviews aren’t overly helpful this time around because there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner or detailed enough reviews to know why some people like a certain type better than another.  I realize that Medela pumps have tubes for storage purposes that I can pump directly into the tubes, but I was hoping for something that could be flattened to save space in my freezer.   Any of you moms out there, if you have any breast milk storage system or bottle advice to give me, please leave me a comment, even if it is only the name of the brand you have used and love!  

I will post the results next week for everyone!


8 Replies to “ADVICE WANTED: Breast Milk Storage Systems”

  1. I look forward to reading the results post! I have no good recommendations for bags. Pretty much, I found that all the brands of bags will break open if they are at all overfilled or if they bump against something while they are frozen. I liked freezing milk in the bottles but obviously, that isn’t convenient when you want to freeze a lot or if you are low on space….

    1. Well, then maybe I need to not count on bags. I suppose I could do bottles and we could purchase a freezer, but it wouldn’t be convenient because it would have to go in the basement. Hopefully there is someone out there that will have great advice!

      Any bottle advice?

      1. I used whatever bottles I could come across. They all worked fine. Someone had given me a bunch of the tube bottles and they worked great as far as being a good amount for thawing in increments etc. We did have to buy a freezer. I got by mostly with the bags and just dealt with the busted ones when it happened but it made me sad to waste so much milk!

  2. I haven’t had any problems with the milk bags my sister uses. They come n a purple box and start with L……I’ll look the name up later. They are super easy to pour and easy to defrost in a cup of warm water.

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