I Quit!

I quit!  I quit!  I quit!  

Who doesn’t want to say these words?  I got to say these two beautiful words today.  After much encouragement from my husband, a few miniature panic attacks, and a bunch of thought and prayer, I pulled the plug on my normal, daytime job today.  My boss knew it was coming because she is also my friend and knows that everything hasn’t been perfect with my pregnancy (I have a lifting limit, I have some unexplained menstrual-type cramping).  She also knew that I am a freelance writer and that things have been going well with my writing.  I have to submit it in writing, but my resignation is complete.  Time for a new chapter in my life!

So, what am I going to do with myself?  Well, I have plenty to do, really.  I am writing daily (thank God).  My house isn’t exactly organized to my liking yet.  Now that I know that we are having a boy, there is so much to do.  I have things like circumcision and circumcision after-care to read up on (by the way, absolutely gross).  I only have 19 weeks left with my daughter being the only child in my life, too, and I want to do things with her.  I want to take her places and have fun, just the two (or three, I guess I will invite the husband, too) of us before that isn’t a possibility anymore without much planning and a babysitter.  Well, this is it; now is my time to get everything I need completed before the baby gets here.  Here comes many more adventures!


4 Replies to “I Quit!”

    1. That might be the positivity talking. I’m not sure yet! Ha! I don’t usually do well without consistent employment, but I’m hoping the writing stays consistent enough for me to stay calm. It is nice to know I am on my own schedule these days, though. Thank you! Thank you for reading!

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