Month 5

New this month:

1. My baby is torturing my bladder.  He (yes, it is a boy, we have photo evidence!) is head down and every time he stretches, he punches my bladder.  Today, he punched once very hard on my half-full bladder and made me pee a little. 

2. He has a name (Morgan) that has so far been met with overly polite nods and smiles .  My mother’s response over the phone was a very noncommittal, falsely enthusiastic “Oh!”  She then followed it up with a long pause and a, “You’re serious, right?”  This name was something we prayed about and then asked for clear direction, and then we played cards.  We had narrowed the choices down to three first names and three middle names.  Each name was assigned a card (Aces for Jackson, Kings for Morgan, and Queens for Gabriel), and then we drew cards until we came to one of the three cards.  We drew three kings in a row.  What are the odds?  Whatever they are, this child is destined to be named Morgan.  No, neither my husband nor I can stack a deck, and yes, we did shuffle thoroughly before drawing a card.  The process was repeated for the middle name, resulting in three more kings (not in a row, but separated but miscellaneous twos and threes).  Let me just insert a disclaimer here that makes it very clear I don’t recommend this method, and I’m not saying God stacked the deck, but I’m also not saying He didn’t, if you know what I mean.  Moving on…

3. I lost a couple pounds.  Quite a feat I believe.  My doctor is content as long as I’m not gaining.

4. My nausea is gone completely, but it has been replaced by lots more belly/ligament pain as well as a temperamental sciatic nerve.

5. I can feel the baby moving all day practically.  He is especially active in the evening.

6. My belly doesn’t feel so huge now.  It hit a plateau for the moment.

Not new this month:

1. I’m still peering, all the time.  I have stopped to pee twice while writing this post.

2. My boobs still hurt.

3. I’m so very moody.

In four more weeks, I go back for a glucose tolerance test.  We’re skipping the one hour test and going straight for the three hour test.  Why?  Because I am at high risk for gestational diabetes.  Fingers crossed!


10 Replies to “Month 5”

  1. I like the name Morgan 🙂 ok, probably because it makes me think of Morgan La Fey and Knights of the Round Table, but boy or girl it’s still a cool name.

  2. This baby has just started in on the bladder kicks too. It’s so surprising out of nowhere lol. I know a child named Morgan. It’s a good name! Not that anyone’s opinion should matter. You name your baby whatever you like! It’s your baby!

    1. My daughter liked to lay transverse and she was always so high I never had any bladder abuse from her until she ran out of room. So this guy really surprised me the first time! Thank you, the name feels like the right choice!

  3. I’m glad things are going well. I hope the glucose test isn’t too bad! I think it’s exciting that you chose a name! Not that it matters, but I really like the name Morgan. In college, I didn’t really love my name (Julie), so I actually asked people to call me Morgan for awhile. I know. I’m strange . . . I’m glad the nausea has ended! ❤

    1. Thank you! The fact that I have to be fasting for about four hours will be the worst. You were trying to be independent, be your own person. Completely understand! I’m glad it has ended, too. Hope you are feeling well!

    1. We really just could NOT come to a consensus on the name. The cards worked, and we got to spend time together. We also have a fun story to tell our son about how he was named! And I agree, boys names are so much harder than girl names!

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