Bloodwork is Back

My A1C is lower than it’s ever been and in the normal range.  My fasting blood glucose is also in the normal range.  My blood counts are perfect, and my electrolytes are balanced.  So why does my head still hurt? 

Hormones.  That’s the only answer for now.  I’m good with that answer.  I always knew it was a possibility.  My doctor explained why it’s not safe to use Ibuprofen later in the pregnancy, but that right now it is safe and she would like me to take 600 mg with 12 oz of my favorite caffeinated soda.  She wants to try to break the headache.  Otherwise,  another few days of this and she wants my head examined (told her my husband says that all the time). 

So, out to purchase some Pepsi I go.  Here’s hoping…


7 Replies to “Bloodwork is Back”

  1. Weird that she would tell you to take ibuprofen. Most people who suffer from migraines will tell you ib (or advil) doesn’t make a dent in headaches. Acetaminophen (tylenol) and caffeine is the magic combo. But maybe that is just for the ice-pick in the head kind of headache I get. There’s a bunch of different types! Ibuprofen might work on tension headaches though.

    1. Tylenol doesn’t usually do anything for me so maybe all my pains are inflammation related. I tried the Tylenol with caffeine, and it did nothing. I don’t know why it hasn’t helped, but I do know I’m going to give it a shot. I’m not a migraine sufferer, and I’m thinking it’s just as well since apparently my body is not wired quite right!

  2. I had really bad headaches a few weeks ago. I assumed they were pregnancy/hormone related or allergy related. Antihistamines helped so… hard to say. They were pretty annoying though! I hope you feel better with the Ibuprofen/pepsi combo. 🙂

    1. It worked! I know headaches are typical of the first and second trimester of pregnancy, but this 8 day long headache stuff had me worried. Just really glad the Ibuprofen/Pepsi worked!

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