No Reassurance, Worries Abound

I posted early this morning about my headache problem.  I have had a severe headache every day for a week now, and large quantities of water (2 or more liters a day) is the only thing helping.  I received some good suggestions from rceg91109, Eventual Momma, and C.L. (thanks again ladies!) for coping with my headaches.  I also put in a phone call to my obstetrician.  Unfortunately, I have yet to receive a useful phone call in return.

I am worried that this prolonged headache may be a symptom of something more serious.  I do not have any swelling, weight gain (I actually lost two pounds since last week), or any other symptoms to suggest pre-eclampsia or pregnancy induced hypertension.  I do have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which was being managed with diet, exercise, and Metformin.  My obstetrician advised me to take a break from Metformin once I hit the second trimester, four weeks ago.  Now I’m worried that perhaps that has backfired and my blood sugar has spiked.  I took my blood sugar this morning, but it was after I had eaten.  It wasn’t high; it was within normal range.  So, I’m trying to convince myself that this super-long headache is just hormone induced.  Especially since my doctor’s office has not returned my call.

I had left a message this morning as they first opened.  An hour and a half later, I still had not received a return phone call.  So, I called again.  I spoke to the nurse, explaining the situation to her again and asking if it would be simpler if I just came in to the office.  She assured me that someone would be getting back with me before lunch, that I did not need to come in.  And someone did call me before lunch.  The same nurse I had spoken to earlier called me letting me know that she would be calling in a prescription for a headache medication I had never heard of and that I needed to “stay well-hydrated”.  I don’t think she even heard me earlier when we spoke, beyond the word headache anyway.  I explained to her that I am very hydrated, and that she shouldn’t bother calling in the prescription because I wouldn’t be picking it up or taking it.  I went on further explaining that I wasn’t concerned about the pain of a headache, and that I was only concerned that it was a sign of something more serious.  I just wanted my doctor to be made aware and to offer her opinion, as to whether I should worry or take another Tylenol and suck it up.  She said she misunderstood earlier, but that she was forwarding our conversation to my physician and I would be receiving a phone call back after lunch.  Seven hours later, still no phone call.

My husband is trying very hard to be calm and patient, but he is ready to take tomorrow off and go camp in my obstetrician’s office.  I can’t decide whether I’m overreacting or not.  I’m concerned, though, so I just need a little reassurance.  I might spend tomorrow trying to find a new obstetrician with an office that isn’t quite so busy.

So, my friends, anyone have any experience with week-long headache that only lessens with large amounts of water in the second trimester of pregnancy?  I would appreciate any advice.


8 Replies to “No Reassurance, Worries Abound”

  1. Ugh, that is so frustrating! I think it’s always good to listen to your gut–never worry about overreacting. It’s probably just the hormones, I agree, but it can’t hurt to get it checked out. I find it so frustrating when doctors or nurses stop listening after, like, one word.

    1. Thank you. I ended up calling the after-hours line, and my doctor was the one on call. She was extremely apologetic that no one had called me. She had ordered some blood work but assured me she wasn’t worried for the baby. So this morning I’m off to get my blood drawn.

  2. I scared myself by reading about headache being a sign of preeclamsia. Sounds like you’ve been googling! lol Mine went away and came back. Today is an ok day. But for me, headaches are normal so I’m not worried. I get migraines so was expecting more headaches than this actually. I would go get checked just in case but I’m pretty sure headaches are just one of the crappy things like nausea that we have to put up with. I spent the evening resting with the wrap on my head. So now my husband is calling me the Pope because the wrap sticks up like a Pope hat.

    1. I’m sorry you scared yourself with Dr. Google! Please don’t google things I say. I’m only 17 weeks and pre-eclampsia isn’t really a possibility until 20 weeks, and even then there is only an 8% risk of it occurring. I just worry about anything unusual, and prolonged headache is unusual for me.

      I’m so glad the Pope hat works for you, and who cares about style. 🙂

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