I Need Headache Help

Warning: this is about pregnancy and a possible complication.

Yesterday marked 17 weeks of pregnancy.  Today marks the 7th day in a row of headache.  It seems if I don’t drink a lot (about 2 liters or more) throughout the day and night, I get these painful headaches that are hard to chase away.  I get up about twice a night to pee, and I take a big drink each time or I will wake up with a splitting headache.  If I forget to drink for about an hour, then hello headache.  I have been getting headaches at least since the 10 week mark, but they were more infrequent until the last 2 weeks.  My doctor and I both (last month) blamed it on the hormones.  My blood pressure is in the normal range and I have no swelling.  I’m afraid this is PCOS related because I stopped the Metformin at week 13.

Any of you ladies have any thoughts on this?

I’m planning to call my doctor once her office opens this morning, but I was hoping someone out there might have something to say based on experience.


7 Replies to “I Need Headache Help”

  1. I had some headache issues in the 1st and 2nd trimester, too (amazingly, they have been much better in my 3rd trimester, which I’m told is typical, so hang in there!). My doctor suggested taking tylenol with a small amount of caffeine. It actually did help. The headache didn’t always completely go away, but it would take the edge off enough that I could function better. I would just wash down the tylenol with a small glass of Pepsi or something, or a few swigs of regular coffee.

  2. I have had awful headaches this past week as well at 13 weeks. Tylenol just barely took the edge off. I took my husband’s ice pack sports wrap and wrapped it around my head and wore it like a hat. I look hilarious but it really did help.

    1. I remember having headaches last time, but they were manageable and went away. This is a whole new level. Ice pack is not something I would have thought of. Thank you! I will definitely give it a shot.

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