Midnight Wanderings

I’m having trouble falling asleep tonight, despite barely being able to keep my eyes open earlier this evening.  I decided some milk might help my situation.  Off to the kitchen I went.

As I sipped my milk, I wandered around the house.  I picked this up, and put that away.  I returned to the kitchen, and I sorted through some papers.  That’s when I saw it–an ant!

I hate ants!  I understand that ants are environmentally necessary,  but do they have to be necessary in my kitchen? 

First item on my list for tomorrow morning is researching a natural,  pregnant lady safe ant repellent. 


4 Replies to “Midnight Wanderings”

  1. A bug repellent that I found worked well is 1 part boric acid (I found it for about $2 at Wal-mart in the bug poison section). I read that it is fairly safe to be around although you may want to research that yourself. I mixed that with 1 part flour and enough corn syrup to hold it together. You can put it in cracks or set it in a jar lid etc and the ants/bugs eat it and die.

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