I Hate Mornings

I have never been a morning person.  Motherhood has forced me to be an early morning riser, though, and I’m perpetually trying to convince myself mornings aren’t so bad.  A time or two a week, I dare say I’m even happy to be up with my family before we all go our separate ways for the day.  However, this morning wasn’t one of them.

My new house has a whole new set of noises.  The neighborhood, the wildlife, the nearby railroad, the plumbing, all have their own pattern of noises for every time of day.  I’m a light sleeper and adjusting to these noises hasn’t happened yet.  Last night, though, has been my best night yet.  I slept wonderfully compared to the previous two nights.

This morning, as the sun began to rise and my neighbors began to leave for work, I continued to sleep.  I was dreaming wonderful, happy dreams when I felt the need to open my eyes.  Imagine my surprise when I opened my sleepy eyes to find Eva.  Not only was she in my room, but she was two inches from my face.  She was standing there smiling, two inches from my face.

She was in my bubble of space.  At 6:30 am, she had already managed to rapidly increase my heart rate.  She scared me, to say the least.  But really, I know I’m blessed beyond measure to have a smiling daughter to wake me up in the morning.  Just some mornings I have trouble remembering my blessings.

Yesterday marked the beginning of week 14 of pregnancy.  Today, I think I’m entitled to a nap.  Right now.


2 Replies to “I Hate Mornings”

  1. LOL. I hate the cats sticking their whiskers in my face, hubby staring at me while sleeping (i usually wake up and scream at him) and I would hate to have a toddler inches from my face. Thankfully, Paxlet is still in his crib and hasn’t tried to crawl out. That will change before #2 is born though…

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