We Bought The House

The house: $54,000
Saturday night emergency plumber: $213.90
Being a homeowner: priceless

It’s been a day.  We bought the house yesterday, and we moved in today.  Moving always sucks under any circumstance, but I have to say I have never been happier to move in my life.  I wouldn’t say moving while pregnant has been without challenges, but it’s great to be writing this from my very own living room. 

We even have something we haven’t had in years–our own washer and dryer in our house!  For those apartment dwellers without a washer and dryer in your apartment, you get why this excites me so much.  I was so eager to use my washer and dryer, I started a load of clothes while we were still unpacking and moving things from the apartment.  This is what triggered a phone call to my local after-hours plumber.  My husband was in the basement as the washer was draining, and he saw something he has never seen before.

Water was pouring into my basement through the wall!

Our sewer line was obviously busted,  or at least that’s what I thought.  I called the local plumber’s after-hours line, and about an hour later, he shoved a camera down my pipes.  What he found was a sewer line overrun by roots.  He was able to get the roots  chopped up and flushed luckily.  He also told us our sewer line is made from clay tile.  Long story short, this means roots will be able to keep regrowing and causing blockages.

So, I will be budgeting about two grand for a new sewer line sometime in the future.  I’m still so glad it was easily fixable, for now.

Here we are, in our new house, and I couldn’t be happier, plumbing problems and all.


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