12 Weeks, 3 Days

My blood pressure has been high the last couple of weeks.  I have been very concerned about my blood pressure since this is what prompted an induction with my daughter.  Pre-pregnancy, my blood pressure couldn’t have been more ideal.  Last week, though, it was hanging out around 140/75.

This past Monday, as I was sitting in my obstetrician’s exam room, I was making every effort to have an ideal blood pressure reading this time.  The last time I was in the office, the billing department had spoken to me right before it was time to get my blood pressure taken.  The billing department had informed me that if everything went as planned, I would be paying $2,500 out of pocket.  If I needed to be hospitalized for anything pregnancy related prior to next year, however, they informed me I would be $5,000 out of pocket.  That is a LOT of money for my family.  The nurse wouldn’t even tell me what my blood pressure had been at that appointment because it was so high.

So this time, I was determined to think only happy thoughts as my blood pressure was being taken.  The nurse smiled when she was done and informed me it was 124/72.  Not fantastic, but much better than 140.

After speaking with my obstetrician (she is hilarious, and a great conversationalist), she pulled out the Doppler to listen to the baby’s heart beat.  I didn’t look at a clock, but it felt like an eternity before she found that little thumping beat.  I could tell even she was starting to get nervous as she searched, and searched, and searched for that baby.  We both heaved a sigh of relief when she found it.  The heart rate was “perfect” to quote her.

New This Month:

1. My doctor offered testing to check for genetic abnormalities such as Down Syndrome.  We declined.

2. I get to take a break from Metformin.  For the next week, I am taking half the dose.  Beginning next week, no Metformin at all.  My intestines are thanking me already.  We will probably start it back up after the glucose tolerance test at the 24 week mark.

3. I have enough energy to clean again!  This is especially good news since we are closing on our house in a week, and moving the next day!

4. I am getting frequent headaches.  Thanks, Progesterone,  as if the endless fatigue last month and the month before wasn’t enough of a present from you.

5. My pants won’t fit, even with the belly band, anymore.  I purchased new pants today.  More purchases to follow after we spend a fortune on the new house.

6. My muscles in my lower abdomen hurt, a lot.  My doctor said I am going to be stretching a lot of scar tissue from my c-section I had with Eva.  She said to expect it to be unpleasant.

Not New This Month:

1. I am still very moody.  Ask my poor husband, and I’m sure he’ll tell you all about it.

2. Meat is still disgusting for the most part.  I can barely cook it, much less eat it.  This wasn’t a problem before I was pregnant.

3. I am experiencing random bouts of vomiting.  Still.

4. Smells are overwhelming.

5. I cry over some of the most ridiculous things.

6. I am unexplainably (I doubt that is a word) excited to go through it all again.  To quote a friend, it is hard work being pregnant.  She is right about that.  Even as I whine to my husband about my headache, or my bellyache, or my backache, or as I hang up on him (again) to vomit (again), I am still so happy to be pregnant.  So bring on the hard work!  Only 194 more days to go until my due date!


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