Pregnancy Literature


This book has become my new favorite.  I want every pregnant woman in the world to read this book!  I highly recommend it to anyone even thinking about having a child.

In other news, today is week 8 of pregnancy.  I’m already showing.  I didn’t show with my daughter until I was about 20 weeks.  I was not prepared to show this soon.  Clothes shopping here I come!


13 Replies to “Pregnancy Literature”

    1. You definitely should! It is so eye-opening. Pair with with the documentary The Business Of Being Born and you’ll be set to have an empowering birth experience I believe.

      Thank you!!

    1. You have been gone way too long! I’m so glad you’re back! I didn’t want to interrupt your hiatus with my news, but I’m so glad you know now! And I’m due in March. I can’t wait! But I can, because that means a nice long, healthy pregnancy with a full-term baby.

      1. Next time I will feel free to interrupt! I’m finally embracing that this is real and everything is fine so I’m sure I will start writing much more about it soon.

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