We have finally found a house. What is even better is the house is in the area I wanted and in the price range we need. It won’t break us every month to pay the mortgage, and it should suit our needs for at least the next five years.

We went to the bank last night to get our pre-approval so we can put an offer on the house. The loan lady was chatting with Eva, and she asked how big is our family. Eva replied that it was just the three of us, but then she perked up and changed her answer.

“We’re going to have a soybean someday soon,” she had said excitedly. The loan lady smiled, but it was obvious she wasn’t quite sure what this meant. Eva picked up on her confusion as well because she clarified a bit by pointing at me.

“She’s going to have a soybean soon,” she then said.

“Oh,” the loan lady had replied. “Were you a soybean once a long time ago?”

Eva enthusiastically nodded in response. She looked relieved the lady had finally understood her cryptic news.

I love Eva’s enthusiasm.


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