More Fun Times in The Car

Eva and I always have very entertaining conversations in the car.  Today did not disappoint, either.  I can’t imagine the philosophical debates that would arise if we drove across country.

We were discussing dinner, and whether we should eat somewhere special to celebrate that she is home and our little soybean has a heart beat.  Eva agreed we should eat somewhere special, but she didn’t know where. 

She said, “We should eat somewhere that sounds good to you, and maybe the baby will like it, too.”

I agreed that it was possible.  Then she took it a step further.

“If what you eat makes your belly hurt, then you probably shouldn’t eat it again,” she said.  “If you eat it again, it might make the baby cry in your belly, and we couldn’t make her feel better because she’s in your belly.”

How could anyone argue with that logic?  Well, as cute as it was, I explained anyway.  I started with the fact that babies can’t cry because they don’t breathe while they are in the mom’s belly and ended with how babies get oxygen.

In turn, our conversation drifted a bit.  Eva made a brilliant statement (not that I’m biased or anything) after I explained vocal cords.

She said, “So all sound from our voices is really just air moving.”

She’s only six, and we can have conversations about how our voices are produced, and she gets it.  She amazes me daily.


6 Replies to “More Fun Times in The Car”

  1. That’s cute! I have read that babies do cry in the womb. Without sound of course. I have never seen this myself but supposedly women have had ultrasounds where it looked like the baby was crying…. Who knows. That is a very brilliant conclusion that Eva made. 🙂

    1. It would make sense that they practice since they are so good at it instantly. How else are those crying muscles going to develop? Ha! That would be a strange ultrasound picture I bet. So sad looking.

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