6 Weeks, 3 Days


There she is, my adorable little blob!  There clearly was a flickering heartbeat beating out a rhythm of 114 beats per minute.  The beginning of my last period was 8 weeks ago, so I most definitely ovulated very late in this cycle.

Eva asked if she could have her very own picture (ultrasound blob) of the baby.  This made me smile. 

I feel relieved to know there is a heartbeat.  Now I just have to make it two more weeks before I get a second look.


8 Replies to “6 Weeks, 3 Days”

  1. If the beginning of your last period was 8 weeks ago wouldn’t that make you 8 weeks pregnant? So cute that Eva wanted her own pic! Ya for heartbeats!

    1. It would, yes, if I have normal 28 day cycles, which I don’t. It makes for some guessing. My shortest cycle in the last year was 32 days. My other unmedicated cycles were around 6 weeks long usually. So I probably ovulated about a week and a half to two weeks later than most.

      Thank you!

      1. Ohh I didn’t realize that made a difference. I always found it weird that they start counting 2 weeks before you were technically implanted anyway!

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