My beautiful, sweet, loving, intelligent, creative six-year-old daughter, Eva, has abandoned me!  She has only been home since Saturday night, and tonight she plans on spending another night away from me (us, really, but my husband can get his own blog to complain about it).  I took her to her grandparents’ house yesterday to visit and to swim, and she begged to stay the night.  I reluctantly agreed.  After all, school will begin again before we know it.  She missed out on a lot of visiting and swimming at Nana and Papa’s while she was in California.

I was supposed to pick her up today, but my husband advocated I ask her if she wanted picked up.  He asked me if I was making her come home because I miss her or if I was picking her up because SHE wanted to come home.  He quoted to me the same reasons I listed above, that school would start soon and she missed out while she was in California.  So I relented, and I called her Nana.

Eva was napping.  Nana told me when I called that Eva was napping.  I could not believe my ears.  My daughter quit napping at age three!  She slept twelve hours last night, and now she was napping.  Nana reported to me that she checked her to see if she is warm or acting sick, and she seems perfectly fine.  I think she is finally catching up on sleep from all her travels.

I was instantly jealous and relieved.  I was jealous of the dog at Nana’s that she had fallen asleep snuggled up with, and I was relieved because I feel like this is a sign that she is finally okay.  She is finally home and relaxed.  She isn’t here in my house, but she is still home.  She is again surrounded by all the people in the world that love her the most, that put her needs first, and meet her needs with joy and love.

My joy and gratitude to all the people in our lives that feel the same way about Eva that we feel is overwhelming at this moment.  All the people closest to her and to us love her, listen to her, and think she is great.  I feel like this is exactly what a child needs to grow up with a healthy self-esteem and view of self.  I know that isn’t always the case, and I couldn’t be happier with where we are in life right now.  The people around us are exactly the people we need, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Eva will call me if she wants me to pick her up today (which won’t happen because she is happily swimming and playing with all her fur and feather friends).  Otherwise, my husband will pick her up tomorrow as soon as he gets off work at noon.  Then we will meet at home and head to a hospital tour, ultrasound, and appointment with my obstetrician.


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