I’m Gonna Puke!

Poor Eva was so confused as I jumped out of bed while giving warning of impending chunks.  I ran to the bathroom, and as I was leaning over the toilet preparing for the inevitable, I could hear her talking with my husband.  I’m not sure what was said, but when I returned she looked concerned. 

My husband explained that she was worried I was coming down with something.  I told her that it was okay, and that it was a good thing.  She looked even more confused, and she even looked at me like I might have possibly gone off my rocker a bit.  I explained that it meant my body is producing chemicals called hormones to make sure Soybean is growing and healthy.  I then told her how horrible it had been when I was pregnant with her, that I had lost a bunch of weight (20 lbs in the first trimester) and had to take special medicine to stop puking long enough to drink some water and take my vitamins. 

“I guess I just wasn’t hungry very much,” she said with a smile and a laugh.

She was still stuck on the thought that my stomach and the baby’s stomach are linked or directly connected or something.  So I explained the hormone thing again slightly different.

She has a five minute snuggling limit after bedtime (she hardly ever uses it, and it’s only if that is the first time she has gotten up), and her time was about up.  She gave my belly a kiss and kissed my check when I said time was up.  I tucked her back in to her bed, and softly closed her door.

Then began my search for something that I thought I could force myself to eat.  Cantaloupe was a gagging-type reaction no, and cheese failed me as soon as it hit my tongue.  So I pulled out the big guns.  Salted pretzel sticks and lemon ginger tea.  Thank God for ginger.  I don’t think I would be alive today without it.

Now here I am in bed again.  I would love to sleep, but I discovered as soon as my head is almost to my pillow, I feel the nausea assault me, guns blazing, tanks firing, all hands on deck. 

My next thought is would my husband notice if I took his pillow.  I think he would.  I think I will use one of our spare comforters to prop myself up a bit more.  Tomorrow, though, extra pillows are being purchased. 


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