Gender Prediction At 7 Weeks

A friend of mine who is also expecting a baby (and only a little over a month ahead of me) told me she got a blood test to determine the gender of her baby!  I had no idea such a thing existed, and neither did she until her doctor mentioned it.

I did some research and discovered that the test can be performed as early as 7 weeks pregnant.  Most insurance companies aren’t covering the test (like that is a surprise) unless it is being performed to check for congenital, hereditary, sex-linked disorders like hemophilia.  The plus side is it isn’t that expensive in the grand scheme of things.

I know what I will be asking my doctor about at my appointment next week!


10 Replies to “Gender Prediction At 7 Weeks”

    1. I know that the test of another friend was $90.00. I read an article that said something about discounted online offerings, but I haven’t Googled yet to see what there is.

      1. I keep reading that the online test kits are cheap, but that there is a separate lab fee associated with them that is around $250. I will just have to talk to the doctor abput it I guess.

  1. There is also a test that they do instead of amniocentesis which can detect the gender of the baby as well as look for chromosomal abnormalities including Down’s syndrome. They take some blood from mommy and filter out baby’s blood.

    1. Good to know! Thank you. I skipped the amnio with Eva and I had already planned on skipping it this time, too. It would be nice to know, though, just to be prepared if something is not as expected.

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