A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Today is cycle day 45.  I took a home pregnancy test on cycle days 34, 35, and 37, all of which were negative.  I also used an ovulation prediction kit on days 10 through 32, and I never got a positive on a LH (leutinizing hormone) with the prediction kit.  In my mind, I didn’t ovulate this cycle.  I take Metformin twice daily in an attempt to manage my polycystic ovaries (PCOS).  I take prenatal gummies, also. Otherwise, I am medication free since my previous cycle using Clomid.

On cycle day 37, I set a goal for myself.  I felt like my body was trying to do something on its own, so I was going to wait until cycle day 45, today, to test for pregnancy again.  Then after my negative test result, I would begin the Provera to induce a period, again.

As I was taking my pregnancy test this morning, I was repeating like a mantra, “You didn’t ovulate, don’t get your hopes up.”  I had zero expectations this time around even though I have been experiencing some symptoms.  My symptoms have been misleading before, so I didn’t give them any credence.

Instead of my very expected negative, I saw two lines, not one!  My pregnancy test was a poaitive! 

I don’t want to say the words, “I’m pregnant”, until such things can be confirmed with an ultrasound, but every hour that passes since I got my positive this morning, it is becoming more real.  I am cautiously thrilled! 

I woke my husband up at 5:45 this morning and shoved a pregnancy test in his face after flipping on the light. 

I said, “Clear your eye boogers and then look at this.”

He stared bleary eyed and grumbling for a minute before he laid back down.  Impatient, I had asked him something like did he see two lines or not, to which he replied there are two lines.  His next question made me smile.  He said, “What’s that mean?”

I just smiled and said something that implied he figure it out on his own.  His next response was something along the lines of his life is over, he will be poor forever, we will never buy a house now, etc., as he covered his face with the blanket.

Anyone who knows my husband knows this is his version of happiness.  If he doesn’t have something to, sort of, complain about then he isn’t happy.  We could buy his dream house for half its market value, and after he signs the dotted line he would say something about how horrible it will be to clean out the gutters since he is afraid of heights. 

I finished getting ready for work and headed out the door after kissing my husband (who was still mumbling complaints) goodbye. 

I am one happy girl right now!  I sent texts to two very dear friends that have been so supportive, letting them know my news.  Both were asleep and neither answered for a couple hours.  I almost called both of them to wake them up.  I was instead considerate of their poor husbands who would prefer to sleep in, I’m sure.

My prayer through all of this has been that either God change my heart, or change my circumstances.  I desperately wanted to be pregnant before I turned thirty.  At the beginning, when I first discovered I have PCOS, my prayer was that I be pregnant before thirty.  This was my heart’s desire.  Thirty is less than a week away now, and so I had already come to terms with the situation.  I thought perhaps God was telling me things would happen on His timeline, not mine.  Here it is, though, my positive pregnancy test before I turned thirty!  Talk about dramatic timing!  I wonder if God has a sense of humor?  If so, surely He is smiling about this one.  He really had me going. 

For all the Dr. Google experts out there, anyone know if it is common to test negative for LH but still ovulate?  I’m trying to be very cautious with my expectations until I can get an ultrasound to confirm things.  If I go by my last period, I am six weeks.  The other issue is that I did not get a positive on my tests last week, so I don’t know if I can really say I’m six weeks.  So, no ultrasound for two more weeks at least.  I’m not sure I can wait two weeks in such uncertainty much less three or four.

Maybe it’s time to buy an expensive pregnancy test and try to see what range my hCG levels are in…



17 Replies to “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”

    1. Thank you that is slightly reassuring. I’m trying to manage my expectations so I’m not devasted if there is no heartbeat at the ultrasound, but who am I kidding? I will be devastated no matter what I do or think right now.

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