Here I Sit

Well, this is it.  The daily countdown has reached zero.  The day both anticipated and dreaded greeted me early this morning.

When we woke Eva, she sleepily walked into the living room, looked out the windows with just a passing interest, then stopped dead in her tracks.  She turned and glared at me.

“It’s still night,” she had said grumpily.

Today is the day we fly to California.  That starts a new countdown.  In two, short days I will be leaving her in California with her father while I fly home.  My husband started crying yesterday, and I’m sure tomorrow will be my turn to cry.

Eva has had every emotion at some point this morning.  She was grumpy, nervous, excited, happy, sad, and happy again.  I knew when she turned down chocolate milk and a chocolate-iced doughnut that she was really much more nervous than she was letting on.  If I haven’t taught her anything else, I know I have taught her how to be calm outwardly even when that isn’t even close to how you feel on the inside.  I’m not completely sure that’s a good thing.

My husband dropped us at what I thought was our terminal at the airport.  Once we were inside, I realized I was wrong.  Thus began Eva’s first public transportation adventure.

We only had to make it one stop to the next terminal.  However, Eva wasn’t quick enough and we didn’t make it out the doors before they closed again.  On to the next stop we went.

After a fifteen minute wait in a shady part of the city and a quick ride, we made it to the correct terminal.  Getting through security went very smoothly, and soon we reached our gate.

Now, here I sit, watching Eva recruit the children around her and organize a game of hide and seek Kitty (her favorite stuffed animal).  They are laughing and happy and carefree as we all wait for the announcement to board the plane.

These children are obviously from many different backgrounds and of varying ages, and each happy as can be to have each other for some ennoyment as we all wait.

It is ten minutes past the time we should have been in the air flying far, far away.  They just announced that there is a problem with our plane and that either this one will be fixed soon or we’ll be getting a new plane.  That doesn’t really instill the confidence it should.

They now moved us to a new gate.  We stole someone else’s plane!  The poor people were already loaded and ready to go.  I feel like we’ve been declared more important for some reason.

So, here I sit.  Again.


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