From The Mouths of Babes

Driving anywhere with Eva is usually entertaining, but some days things take an unexpected turn.  Today is one of those days.

“Kyle at school thinks balls is a bad word,” Eva said.

After a bit of silence, I responded with a noncommittal, “oh?”

“Why does he think balls is a bad word?”

Deep breath, Mindy. I feel the need to Google instructions on explaining this one without giving an anatomy lesson.  But I can’t, because I’m driving.  Instead,  I luckily have an ah ha moment.

“Balls can be a bad word depending on how it is used,” I said.  “As long as you use it when referring to the balls you play with,” mentally kicking myself, “like in a game, on the playground.” 

That was almost horrible.  I know her well enough to know that any explanation I give her will be repeated at school, at church, and maybe to Grandma, too.  I make an effort to contain my giggle as I imagine her having this conversation with Grandma.

I’m finally out of the woods with this conversation.  Thank God.

“Well, momma, in Frozen she says a ball with no balls,” Eva comes back.  “Kyle said so.”

Cringe.  Back into the forest I go.

At this point we have just pulled in to our destination.  I pull out my phone and talk to Google.

“Okay, Google, Frozen a ball with no balls.”

Apparently, Google had been through this before because the very first thing on the results page is the actual quote from Frozen, “A ballroom with no balls”.  I relay this to Eva.

“I’ll have to tell Kyle when I see him again.”

Another sigh.


4 Replies to “From The Mouths of Babes”

  1. It only gets better as they get older! My stepdaughter is 11 and learning all about these things…I’m never equipped with the right answer so finally I just got her a good book!

      1. Yes! A friend who used to teach sex ed to kids ages 11-13 at a church recommended a book called “it’s perfectly normal” by Robie Harris. It’s for ages 10 and up but they also have one for ages 7 and up called “It’s so amazing” and then one I guess that’s less detailed for ages 5 and up called “It’s not the stork!”. I was comfortable with her reading it but I read it first, it was a bit nerve wracking since it really covers it ALL. But we decided way better she learn facts than info that could be way off from classmates!

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