The Fashionista Strikes Again

Well, she did it again.  My daughter wore another very original, very unique outfit to school today.

Pictures should have been taken as blackmail for her teenage years.  My husband is currently sighing in annoyance as I write this, because he doesn’t understand what was wrong with her outfit. 

“It was all black,” he said.  So, to him, this means it was a matching outfit.  What was the problem?

Twinkle Toes (some light up shoes by Sketchers we found on sale), a black tutu-ish skirt, and a black t-shirt (a size too big) with a wolf on the front was her ensemble for the day.  When I arrived at Grandpa’s to pick her up after work, the Twinkle Toes had been traded in for her standard play shoes–brown and green camouflaged boots.

I’m just annoyed I didn’t think to take a picture of this lovely fashion statement. 

If she ever reads this, I do hope she realizes how much I love these moments that create lasting memories.


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