A Lawyer In My Car

I am a very lucky mom.  I have a caring, loving, thoughtful little girl who makes my heart melt all the time.  She also manages to make me roll my eyes just as often.  She is six, but sometimes the things that come out of her mouth belong to someone much older.

It had stormed pretty intensely the night before.  As we were driving to her elementary school, you can see downed limbs and trees, and storm debris littering roads and sidewalks alike.  We passed a low-lying area that normally has no standing water, but today the area was flooded.

I check on my daughter in the rear-view mirror, and I see that she is obviously puzzled about something.

“I know what happened here,” she says from the back seat.

“Oh?” I say, encouraging her to go on.

“It was a hurricane,” she says with a bit of disgust.

With a smile, I explain, “No, this was just a storm.  Hurricanes only happen by an ocean.”

She is silent a moment.

“What about by a pond, or a really big lake? I bet they have hurricanes there,” she says.

“No, those are just storms, too.”

“If the lake is almost as big as the ocean, it would be a hurricane,” she says.  No more debating this one.  Overruled.




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